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New Artist from Spain: Polock


i like bands. i like trees. i like bands in trees, so this band just really makes sense for me: Polock is from Valenica, Spain, and with only one single out now for the world to listen to – they’re holding my interest…

Polock will officially make their debut in May, with their album Getting Down from Trees, but until then there’s the instantly likeable “Fireworks.”

Polock is under Artica Booking and Management, who manages one of forthebeat’s favorite bands Delorean. They also book for another forthebeat favorite, Portugal based X-Wife, who played forthebeat’s CMJ showcase along with Sleigh Bells, Phantogram, We Have Band and Electric Tickle Machine.

Enjoy the one and only (no seriously, the only) single out there from them right now: “Fireworks.”

Polock – Fireworks

We Have Band on Amplified

If you wanna dance, now’s the time…

The first video featuring one of the bands that played our CMJ showcase is up on ABC News Amplified hereWe Have Band, the UK-based threesome (threesome?), talk about meeting at a record label, starting a sexy band, turkey basting, and their amazing video for “You Came Out,” which you can watch here.  The video was comprised of 4,886 photos of Darren Bancroft, Dede WP and Tom WP, each a unique face paint recreation.

Here’s some disco rock for you:

We Have Band - Hear It In the Cans


It’s been a week since our showcase, and we’ve finally recovered from CMJ!  The show was amazing.  I spent the day filming with ABC News Amplified, interviewing X-Wife, Phantogram and We Have Band.  Everyone was so amazing and gracious, especially considering they’ve been traveling all around the country and the world, making their way to CMJ, and then continuing on the road.

After the shoots, we headed over to Public Assembly, where our showcase got underway with the aforementioned bands, as well as Sleigh Bells (a huge CMJ breakout), our favorite foursome Electric Tickle Machine, and our resident DJ Heats.  The night rocked thanks to an amazing flow of people and our awesome sponsors, including Tainted Blue Recording Studio, Swagger New York and Et Musique Pour Tous.

So thanks for the support and an extra special thanks to Dan Harris, David Wharton, Jillian Kelleher, Sian-Pierre Regis, Hector Mendoza, Mark Heaton, Rob Loud, Hilary Bonaccorsi, Ian Vens, Shiva Krishna, and to all of our BANDS!

If you had as much fun as we did, and you miss all the bands as much as we do, you might want to download our party playlist here (for the memories).  Also, check out Rob Loud’s pics from the event here.

In addition to the video above, ABC News Amplified filmed the whole night, and will be featuring full-blown video interviews with each band, including snippets from our show, over the coming weeks.  We’ll be sure to keep you posted…

xx K+S

forthebeat CMJ Party for Amplified

CMJ 10.21.09

forthebeat Presents
CMJ Party for ABC News Amplified
Sponsored by:
Tainted Blue Recording Studio // Swagger New York // Et Musique Pour Tous

11 pm X-WIFE

Wednesday, October 21st @ 8 PM

Public Assembly 70 N 6th St (between Wythe + Kent), Williamsburg


Party playlist here.

Le Miel du Mois – Juillet

Le Miel du Mois July

Each month, S.L. creates a monthly mixtape for our friends over at Et Musique Pour Tous.  The July mix is up now – listen here: Le Miel du Mois

The June mix is also there, and you can download both *for free* by clicking on “telecharger” – just right click, save to your desktop and “open” to play in your iTunes.

1. Feist – My Moon My Man (Boyz Noize Remix)
2. We Have Band – Hear It In the Cans (DIY Version)
3. Sleigh Bells – Ring Ring
4. Holy Ghost – Hold On
5. James Yuill – No Surprise
6. Paul and the Patients – Blogspot (Nick Seely Remix)
7. The Big Pink – Velvet
8. Zambri – Easier
9. Jack Peñate – Tonight’s Today
10. Camera Obscura – My Maudlin Career
11. Breakbot – Summer Party
12. Bat for Lashes – Trophy
13. La Roux – Bulletproof (Live at Glastonbury)
14. Three Leaves and A Head – Radiohead Reckoner

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