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Interview: Wise Blood


Listen and don’t dance, go on, try it.

Ok, so Pitchfork got him first but ours is more interesting. Read about Wise Blood below and find out why his aura/vibe is white.

The forthebeat/Transparent/ABC News Amplified showcase for CMJ was last week at Public Assembly and we couldn’t have asked for a better pump-up-the crowd than opener, Wise Blood.

Chris Laufman’s debut EP has brought him some well deserved attention we’re certain will only increase, especially with his next album, which he’s working on now. Read one of our favorite ftb interviews below and buy his 5 track EP on his Bandcamp Page (one of the most fun 5 consecutive tracks we’ve heard all year)

1. Hows Pittsburgh? Do you find it inspirational for your music development?

Pittsburgh is a dark, wonderful place sort of like what Washington state looks like in the Twilight series, but creepier.

2. How was CMJ (thank you for playing our show!) Were there any bands either you performed with or saw that interested you?

CMJ was great, had a fun time, especially at your showcase. Wish I had been able to watch myself perform live, heard it was awesome.

3. I know your band’s name is based after the novel by Flannery O’Connor, do you think you will draw any future references to this novel – like song titles or lyrics? Possibly, but you’ll really have to be looking for it.

4. What’s STRT SGNS about?

Wanting to be saved by someone, wanting someone to take care of you and invest a lot in you personally.

5. What song off your EP do you like performing live best?

I think i actually like performing HERE COMES THE SUN the best

6. Who would you love to tour with/play with? We think juiceboxxx and pictureplane would be awesome…

Those are good picks but maybe Salem.

7. What color best describes Wise Blood’s aura?


Wise Blood – B.I.G. E.G.O.

forthebeat <3′s CMJ

cloud nothings

CMJ is our favorite week of the year (besides sxsw and ok, fine, Christmas). Yesterday, we only caught a handful of awesome bands (Oberhofer, Diamond Rings, Keepaway) because our Wednesday party with Transparent and ABC News Amplified ended at 5:00 AM so we’re tired. Thank you to everyone who had the awesome chance to catch Wise Blood, Dominant Legs, Hooray for Earth, Bronze, Psychobuildings, Kisses, Mon Khmer, Cloud Nothings and Sunglasses at Public Assembly.

Some of our picks for tonight, October 22, include:

Music Hall of Williamsburg: Dominant Legs, Porcelain Raft. 8 pm.

Bar Matchless: Teen Daze>Blackbird Blackbird> Sunglasses> MillionYoung. 8 pm.

CakeShop: Viernes at 8:40 pm.

Brooklyn Bowl: Pitchfork Showcase- How to Dress Well, Tanlines, Baths, Cloud Nothings, Candy Claws . 1 pm-3 am.

Death by Audio: The Altered Zones Showcase – John Maus, Prince Rama, Greatest Hits, Teen Inc, How to Dress Well (DJ set). 7 pm.

Some of our top picks for Saturday:

Gobble Gobble at noon @ Cameo, Wburg. Oberhofer at 2:30 and Holly Miranda at 5:30 @ Bowery Electric, NY. Keepaway at 7 @ Cameo. Jamaica at 8 @ Public Assembly, Wburg. Hooray for Earth 11 PM @ Coco66, Greenpoint. Bronze 11:30 PM @ Spike Hill, Wburg

Have a blast.

Teen Daze – Shadows

forthebeat’s CMJ Show on WEDNESDAY

forthebeat.Transparent CMJ 2010 Invite

We’ve added a few bands and we’re REALLY excited.  Don’t forget to RSVP (info below) and get there on time because the show is FREE and capacity is limited…

forthebeat + Transparent
with ABC News Amplified

Cloud Nothings – Hey Cool Kid
Kisses – Bermuda
Dominant Legs – Clawing Out At The Walls
Hooray For Earth – Rolling / Nectarine
Sunglasses – Whiplash
Mon Khmer – Passwords
Bronze – Horses
Psychobuildings – Terror Management
Wise Blood – STRT SRNS
DJ set by Heats

Wednesday, October 20th

Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street between Wythe and Kent
Brooklyn, NY


RSVP required — e-mail or “Like” forthebeat on Facebook

New Artist: Baby Jazz

baby jazz

This is crack. This is crack.

Baby Jazz is duo Elgin Braden (Teen Wolfe) and Samuel Cooper (Golden Chow). Elgin is also in Aux Arc with Marshall Trotter and Sam is 1/2 of the duo, Sunglasses.

Baby Jazz has a new track out called Michael Jordan that is just an eclectic mix of sounds, bumps, thumps, beep beeps, shazams oh and a sweet a** beat that comes in about a minute 1/2 deep. It’s a 12 minute adventure, pay special attention to around minute 8.

What’s even sweeter is that it will be accompanied by a comic book starring the duo, Golden Chow and Teen Wolfe. I hope its in 3D and comes with sparkle glitter red glasses.

Michael Jordan is the first off of what will be a full-length album for Baby Jazz.  Catch the new track below but DEFINITELY listen to their older tracks: The Song for the Season (Holy Jam) and Billy Ocean- both currently on their Myspace page.

Baby Jazz – Michael Jordan

Free download of the song on their BandCamp

Interview with SUNGLASSES / Giveaway


Tonight is the night — forthebeat Presents: Sunglasses EP release party at Pianos at 9:30 PM with Psychobuildings, Magic Man and Aux Arc.  Are you coming?  YES!

We’re giving away a FREE limited-edition hand-sewn EP, courtesy of Lefse Records.  If you’re the winner AND you happen to live in NYC, we’ll throw you a comp for tonight’s show as well.  Please post the following: “Sunglasses EP Release Party tonight:”  SL and I will search for your posts on Facebook and Twitter and randomly select a winner by 3 PM today.

To prepare for later, read an interview with Sunglasses below, listen to these songs and pick out something sexy to wear to our party…

Sunglasses – Whiplash

Sunglasses – Referee

Your highly-anticipated EP drops on June 15, what’s been the most exciting part of this process?
The most exciting part for us is having a tangible versions of our songs. The experience of rubbing our fingers across our music and smelling the wax. The greatest feeling will be handing the first copies we get to our moms.

What color best describes your band’s aura/vibe?

What’s up with the dog in your album artwork?  What’s his name?
Her name is Chloe, she is Sams dog and by the far the greatest dog in the world. Chloe is our mentor and our guardian. Sunglasses would have never taken place if it wasnt for her unforgiving wisdom. Big Ups to Miss Dooges.

What’s your favorite Sunglasses song / which do you love performing live and why?
The song we are most excited about at the moment is our newest song, “Common Sense” which has been extremely fun to play live. The song will be featured on our upcoming full length.

When or how did you first fall in love with music? (Your dad taught you banjo, you heard Dirty Diana in a bathroom, etc.)
Both of our dads are really into music and truthfully are the ones to blame. We were highly exposed to music through them and on the way to soccer games. Sam’s dad was obcessed with R.E.M., the English Beat, Joe Jackson & the Psychedelic Furs. Brady’s dad was really into Frank Zappa, The Who, Yes, Enigma and Seal.

How influential has your time at SCAD been in your musical endeavors?
Huge! Thats where we met, and really found what we came there for. Savannah was a creative atmosphere to grow and meet fellow people with the same goals. We utilized the facalities as much as we could. Shooting sketch comedy and music videos on their green screen studios as well as recording and mixing music in their studios. Also having the opportunity to work on films of all kinds. Our majors in college were Film (Samuel) and Sound (Brady). Our goal is to continue excelling in those creative areas (currently working on a feature length script) as well as incorporating those artistic principles in our music.

New York or Savannah?
We enjoy both really. They both have different aspects that we enjoy equally. Savannah gave us the opportunity to start from the ground up and learn. There was absolutely no music scene before we were there, we had to create it and it was a great learning process. Once we got going and we needed to go the next level, New York was a great vehicle for us to progress as musicians and to get away from small town claustrophobia.

Who do you see in the industry as really doing something different and exciting?
Flying Lotus is currently the only new artist we have been listening to. Also we are looking forward to the new Big Boi and OutKast albums and still have our fingers crossed for a Kate Bush collaboration.

What one song must everyone download RIGHT NOW?
Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You”

What is the most shameful song on your iPod?
Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You”

If you could cover / put a Sunglasses spin on any song right now, what would it be and describe what it would sound like?
XTC – “Its nearly Africa”. We would amp up its jungle rhythms, and vocal harmonies. We would also heighten the sense of atmosphere and hopefully take it some where new as well hold on to what we love about the band and the song. In our minds XTC are horribly underrated and it is our goal to bring public awareness to them. They are massively amazing. Their approach to music is very similar to ours and we hold them high to the sky. If you are care about yourself and the world at large you will purchase English Settlement and/or Drums & Wires!

Tomorrow: Sunglasses EP Release Party

Sunglasses EP Release 6.11.10

forthebeat Presents SUNGLASSES EP Release Party

TOMORROW — Friday, June 11th

@ Pianos @ 9:30 PM
158 Ludlow (at Stanton), NYC

$8 in advance / $10 at the door — Buy tix HERE


AUX ARC @ 12:30 AM

And special guests…

Start listening below and see you there!

Sunglasses – Stand Fast


Countdown 3: Psychobuildings


The third band we are profiling this week is Psychobuildings, who are also playing our show on Friday — the Sunglasses EP release party. They just released “Portrait / No Man’s Land” on May 31st on Transparent Records. There are limited copies, 300 to be exact, of the 7” .

The synthy, dreamy pop is pretty chill, and I think VICE said it best when they described the lead singer’s sound: “when Peter sings his words he sounds like a child confused by a dream he just woke up from.”

Psychobuildings – Birds of Prey

It’s hard to explain this band live, so see for yourselves here. If this is any indication of how they’ll perform on Friday, we can’t wait:

New Mixtape! Le Miel du Mois: Mai


It’s a new month. And with each month, there is a new free mixtape for you to stream on Et Musique Pour Tous and also download for free onto your ipod as one downloadable track.  Click on the picture above to listen to the mixtape in full and to download the mix for *free* to your itunes + ipod.

Some of forthebeat’s favorite new artists are on there including Pictureplane, Sunglasses, Jai Paul, Jamaica, and Two Door Cinema Club. Sample of the mixtape below:

Marina & the Diamonds Mission – I Am Not A Robot (Clock Opera Remix)

Sunglasses – Referee

80Kidz – Frankie (Featuring The Shoes)

Coconut Records– West Coast

Hey Champ – Cold Dust Girl

Oh No Ono Surprise at forthebeat’s Spring Show


OH NO ONO are hard to categorize or even explain. I’ll be listening to them and think they remind me a lot of Empire of the Sun, but then I’ll play a different track and something completely different comes to mind. Seeing them live at Union Hall in January, I thought all four of them reminded me of David Bowie in Labyrinth / a 70′s dance party cast to the rising sun…

When you listen to Oh No Ono for the first time, you try to imagine how they might interact on stage and how they might sound live, but seeing them in-person affirmed all of my positive thoughts on this strangely wonderful act. Hailing from Denmark, they are eccentric both musically and aesthetically.

It was a true honor having Malthe Fischer join Hooray for Earth on stage last week at the spring forthebeat show. The night opened with Coma Cinema (visiting from South Carolina), Sunglasses (visiting from Atlanta and just signed to Lefse Records (Neon Indian, Keepaway, etc.), then Hooray For Earth joined by Fischer and members of Zambri, followed by The Royal Chains. The night was amazing. All of the bands rocked and forthebeat wishes we could re-play the evening over and over again. Special thanks to our DJs as well.

Spring’s been good to us, so now we’d like to be good to you:

Oh No Ono – Internet Warrior

Photo Credit: ROB LOUD

TONIGHT: forthebeat Presents…

forthebeat Invite 4.1.10

forthebeat presents…


131 Chrystie Street (between Delancey & Broome)
Lower East Side, NYC

$10 at the door with an open Svedka bar from 8-9 pm to get you there ON TIME.

♥♥♥download this mix featuring each band on the show♥♥♥

This is what it sounds like:

Sunglasses – Whiplash
Coma Cinema – Daffodils
Hooray For Earth – Surrounded By Your Friends
The Royal Chains – Lucy Takes The Dare


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