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New – Long Walks On The Beach – Track


#Beattheheat – Long Walks On The Beach is known for his homemade, homeworked, homebaked, homeloved, homegrown goods. And his latest is no exception. Collaboration with LWOTB’s sister, here’s “We’re Growing Up.”

For Fritz’s thoughts and inspiration behind the track, visit the premier post from yvynl – an interesting morning read and perspective.

Long Walks On The Beach: We’re Growing Up

We got oceans to part
but we stand on the street
or we roll down the street
and we yell from our cars
“We’re going away for the weekend!”
With every single beat of our hearts
can’t seem to shake what we’re feeling
with every single beat of our hearts

We’re growing up
all time
all right
all our best friends dancing in the moonlight
saw the sky hold the sea
said you’re not alone you’re with me
one love between
so hang tough, baby breathe deep
we’re growing up
we’re just growing up

Minds tired
eyes sore
have less even though we got more
and wondering why we lose the need
in each other’s arms
slow wave deep sleep
next to you next to me
seems so close, darling in our dreams
the ground swells a little more
but we won’t forget what we started dreaming for

New Track – Long Walks On the Beach


DC based Fritz Kramer is Long Walks On The Beach (best known for tracks including Metaphysical; I Didn’t Want To Make Out). Fritz creates musical marvels from his bedroom and has released a new pop single called “Literally Crazy For You.”

This track will be part of an upcoming EP in August titled SINGLES…so watch out…

Long Walks On The Beach – Literally Crazy For You

2.14 is for…Long Walks On The Beach


Long Walks On the Beach and Gus Meamish-Cook, of Chalices of the Past, recently collaborated for a brand new remix of LWOTB’s “True Love or Bust.” An appropriate one for 2.14. I’ve posted the original below, and click here to download both the original and the remix.

Long Walks On The Beach – True Love or Bust

I also wanted to include this one by LWOTB,  another one of my favorites:

Long Walks On The Beach – I Didn’t Want To Make Out

Happy V-Day to all the lovers and haters.

Le Miel du Mois: Juin


It’s finally summer. Et Musique Pour Tous’ monthly mixtape is available to stream as one long track and download to your iPod each lovely month.  (Download HERE.)

Le Miel du Mois: Juin is filled with new discoveries including bands like Long Walks on the Beach, Magic Man, Letting Up Despite Great Faults, Home Video and more. If you don’t know these artists individually, check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Let the summer amazingness begin. Sun on your face. Feet in the grass. Running around with EMPT in your headphones a l l s u m m e r l o n g.

Full track list:

Flying Lotus – And the World Laughs With You (Feat. Thome York)
Home Video – I Can Make You Feel It
Long Walks On The Beach – I Didn’t Want to Make Out
Massive Attack – Paradise Circus
Bag Raiders – Shooting Stars
Safe – Twenty Years On
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – I Hear You Drowning But I’m Tied
Quadron – Slippin
Matthew Dear – Don and Sherri
Magic Man – Monster
Wolf Gang – Back to Back
Sound Team – No More Birthdays (San Francisco Bay)
Daft Punk – Prime Time Of Your Life (Night Facilities Remix)

Some songs for you to nod your head to/stomp your feet to/shake your a** to, etc.

Home Video– I Can Make You Feel It

Wolf Gang– Back to Back

New Artist: Long Walks On The Beach

hits like a hammer

Fritz Kramer has been recording music for some time now and it shows in his current solo project, Long Walks On The Beach. His music has been deemed “bedroom-pop,” because he records everything on his laptop in the bedroom, closet or shower. It’s pretty obvious on first listen that LWOTB is meant for something bigger than a bedroom.

He’s put on a couple of shows in DC, where he currently lives. And with more exposure outside of DC, LWOTB is destined for bigger stages. I hope Fritz is ready for the demand, because it’s coming.  As he says on his Facebook page (friend him, he’s a cool dude): 2009 = huge but 2010 = huger.

Long Walks On The Beach – I Didn’t Want to Make Out

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