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Ellie Goulding


we’ve written about the latest Ellie Goulding record before but the video for ‘I Know You Care’ just dropped and well, we <3 it. Ellie Goulding released her second album on October 5th, titled ‘Halycon.’ ‘I Know You Care’ is one of the slower ‘break-up’ tracks, and the video is scenes from a new film with Dakota Fanning (and Effie- SKINS) called Now is Good. the film is about a terminally ill teen who falls in love with a stud but the song – video or stand alone – appropriately leaves ladies little hearts longing in remembrance of broken hearts and unanswered feelings. oh feelingsssss.

Of all the reviews that poured out over the album my favorite is one that calls it ‘luxuriously epic.’ agreed.

Other stand outs include ‘Anything Can Happen,’ ‘Atlantis’ and ‘My Blood’ …

a slightly nicer note to leave you with..

50 Years of Bond (girls).


raise your hand if youre excited for Bond girls I mean Bond…i personally am much more interested in what the Bond girls look like/are wearing and how cool their guns are. I mean just look at photos of Grace Jones aka ‘May Day’ – amazing fashion. amazing Bond girl name.

Speed of Sound‘s A. Skillz & Krafty Kuts created a ’50 Years of Bond Mini Mix’ – see the killer tribute video below.

Fact: Ringo Starr’s wife, Barbara Bach, played Agent XXX in the tenth James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

Burberry Shows Us Their Moves


Its always great to see amazing luxury brands pay homage to up-and-coming bands. The iconic Brit brand Burberry is known to showcase some amazing talent at their events and launches in New York + London.

Recently, British actress and ad campaign star Gabriella Wilde hosted an event at the Burberry 57th Street store in New York in celebration of ‘The Britain’ – the brand’s new stunning watch collection. British musician Ren Harvieu performed live, featuring songs from her first album, released May 2012.

‘The Britain’ also launched with a live music event at their London Regent Street store last month and will continue the partayyy next month in Beijing.

Check out Ren Harvieu’s acoustic session exclusively for Burberry here:

Burberry has also partnered with Keane, Jonny Borrell from Razorlight, One Night Only, Life in Film, and more.

Milano Sun – If You Go Home Alone

Milano Sun

Milano Sun just released the single and video for “If you Go Home Alone,” and we like the melancholy vibe.  This is the third song in a trilogy released by the Swedish band self-describing an experience with young love.  You can watch the trilogy HERE and an EP from the band will be out later this year.

If You Go Home Alone by MILANO SUN



Sometimes things just pop in your life out of nowhere and you cant remember your life before they did. I feel this way a lot about different tracks and artists — enter Chromatics – wowwwwwwww

From Portland, Oregon, Chromatics are an American electronic band with the lead babe Ruth Radelet.  Their latest album was released March 2012, titled Kill for Love. The Yus Remix below is #anadjectivebetterthaninsane.

Chromatics – Lady (Yus Remix)

And please listen to their Neil Young cover which Et Musique Pour Tous featured this week here. Also Birds of Paradise..

New Artist: Silent Rider

silent rider

Silent Rider is Brooklyn-based electronic producer Reed Kackley, whose self-titled, self-release debut will drop on September 18th.  Kackley’s sound is described as “bits and pieces of several genres, often utilizing melodramatic vocals, swelling synths, somber piano tones, heavy basslines, and concise, hard-hitting drums.”  In conjunction with the album’s release, Silent Rider will start performing live as a four piece.  Check out the track “I Was A Bomb” below and listen to more original tracks plus a few remixes and covers on the Silent Rider SoundCloud page HERE.

Silent Rider – I Was a Bomb

New Artist: Underwaters


New artist Underwaters is Jorge (aka .ender.) from Spain on “keyboards, crazy machines and intelligent instruments” and Nathalie Cahuzac from France lending her vocals, lyrics, guitar or “any other noise.”  Their EP Once in June is available as a free download HERE.

Upload me by underwaters

Yuno – Sunlight


With a recently released new single “Sunlight,” the artist formerly known as unouomedude is back with a new moniker –> Yuno.  As well as a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to record his first full-length album. If you want to get involved, click HERE.

You may remember his last summer single, “Frequency.” This new one is equal parts sunshine, long drives, coming home from the beach and rooftops.

Sunlight by YUNO

Nicolas Jaar – XLR8R Podcast August 2011


this needs no introduction nor explanation. this mix from last year is wonderfully stunningly emotional and his work is about the best thing i’ve listened to on repeat all summer. if you dont know his work, dig in, deep…

Space is Only Noise. His BBC1 Radio Essentials Mix. And this:

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