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New Foals – Inhaler


ohh very rock for Foals. But then again they are rock, its just easy to get lost in some of their softer ones. But they are hard bad ass m-fkers – felt the minute you see them live. also a must to note – i love jack bevans shirt in the video and Yannis’ jacket.


Streets of Laredo


she’s my girlfriend. im trying to pay my rent.

Streets of Laredo are Auckland, NZ born, Brookln-based indie-folk band: Daniel, David & Sarahjane Gibson & Si Moore – i love family bands and i love their new (and first) video for ‘Girlfriend.’ You should like them on facebook and in real life. And listen to more of their stuff here.

she’s my girlfriend. im on the sideline. shes in the moment. moment by moment.

Dear Streets of Laredo, we live in Brooklyn too. Can we be extras in your next video? <3 ftb.

Le Miel du Mois – Octobre & Novembre


From Et Musique Pour Tous:

Le Miel du Mois by Steph Lund

Dwayne Carter Jr. is full of good lines but the following is hands down my favorite…

If I die today it be a holiday…”

If there’s ever a moment in my life when my perspective is so off or I’m doing something so terribly against my true nature that makes me feel otherwise then there’s something wrong. Life is too short to be dishonest with yourself or others and nothing matters that much to put up with bullshit from anyone. I’m lucky to have music, it’s the thing I love, it’s what I do for a living, it’s what makes me happy and it’s never let me down. The more I get into it, the more fulfilling and inspired I am and I thankful for it.

Which brings me to todays post. It’s important to have something to look forward to every day, week, month, year. Keep yourself going and make everyday interesting however you can. For many of us here and our readers of course, one thing that’s made our days and months better is the release of LMDM, our first and most beloved mixtape series by Steph Lund. Recently, I’ve gotten a few angry emails, frustrated request and desperate music love letters from folks asking about the tape. If it’s gone forever, why we’re slacking? etc. We appreciate it all and we listen, if there’s anything that keeps this train going is the passion we have for music and knowing that others share it with us. That said, there’s no excuse, Steph and I are just busy mofo’s these days. We both left NYC this year and have been 100 miles and running since keeping up with our clients, personal lives and so on. EMPT and LMDM we’re created on and still run on pure love so bare with us as we learn to manage the new demands. That said, we’re playing catchup and brining you a combined Octobre & Novembre that is pure concentrated amazing. Decembre soon to follow.

As is customary this tape is nothing like those before it and perhaps the only thing it shares with the them is the amazing feeling you get while listening to it. This one in particular has a great balance, I haven’t seen Steph in a while but I can tell these are the good times. I won’t Speak for her but just know that every song fantastic and the fast forward button is worthless while listening to this, enjoy…

Le Miel du Mois at work? That’s much better than work at work! Download

  1. Chromatics – Lady (YUS Remix)
  2. Roosevelt – Sea
  3. St Lucia – September
  4. Absofacto – Backfire
  5. Robosonic – Thankful
  6. Saint Michel – Katherine
  7. Civil Twilight – River (Ra Ra Riot Remix)
  8. Roosevelt – Soleil
  9. Crystal Stilts – Dark Eyes
  10. Y Luv – Driftin
  11. Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer
  12. First Aid Kit – Winter Is All Over (Baauer Remix)

Orange Blossom Flyover


i was excited to see this sent to us recently – as there hasnt been one in a minute but here it is y’all: ryan scally is orange blossom flyover. i love this new one called ‘twilight games’ ive listened to the track a few times today and its better with each repeat. my favorite verse:

if only for a moment too fast to know
that what you want is chosen before you know
and everything’s unrolling from then to now

all sounds are by the talented mr. scally:

Twilight Games by Orange Blossom Flyover

Bronze Whale – The Remix Kings of the Ocean


Bronze Whale has done some of our favorite remixes – Honey Claws’ ‘I Love Summer,’ Youth Lagoon’s ‘Daydream,’ Lips’ ‘Everything to Me’ and Adventure Club’s ‘Retro City’ – hard to just list one or two, because all of these are really v. well done. They started working with Ianborg a few months back and decided to collaborate with him on the recent Weeknd track. From BW direct: “Ian is incredible at arrangement and vocal stutters, so he really set the pace and spine of the track. We laid in our bass and drum sound and it really flowed together”

Get it on your weekend list:
The Weeknd – Twenty Eight (Ianborg & Bronze Whale Bootleg) by Bronze Whale

And please do yourself a favor and play this, frequently, infrequently, your choice but we’d go with  – all. the. time.:

Honey Claws – I Love Summer (Bronze Whale Remix) by Bronze Whale

Nicolas Jaar: Mi Mujer


Screen Shot 2012-11-24 at 3.55.13 PM

For Clown + Sunset artists: click here.

Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer by Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar/Scout Larue and Will Epstein – And I Say

New Artist: Saint Michel


some boys in stripes (maybe) are here from France on Monday for a special show. Saint Michel are in from France, Versailles to be specific (Daft Punk, Air and Phoenix all hailed from here). And if that isnt dreamy enough then be sure to watch the video for their single ‘Katherine’ to get your heart rate /crush going …and fall for their beautifully heartbreaking lyrics for ‘Katherine’ below.

Monday’s show will be in NYC at Le Baron and if you havent been to Le Baron yet,  dont miss this one. Le Baron is open 11-4am daily, located on Mulberry Street. Encore is running this one and an RSVP is required.

New Artist: Teen Mom


Threesome Teen Mom are a new one from DC. Their debut EP is called ‘Mean Tom’. Sean Dalby on drums, Tom MacWright on bass and Chris Kelly is vocals/guitar – as they put it – “Just three young men, but with the strength of many more.” Yes.

I love how the ladies at Goldest Egg describe them – “hushed honey-sweet lyrics juxtaposed with giant dark slabs of distortion and manic racing drums.” ‘I Wanna Go Out’ is my first pick followed by ‘Say My Name’… their sound is innocent teenage angst mixed with some love-anger, yes love-anger…they’re kind of like your favorite high school band that you needed to follow to the woods somewhere to find their secret gigs.

instant <3.

I Wanna Go Out below and check out the video- we would have embedded it if we could…

Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out

If youre in Washington then youre in luck:
Friday, 11/16 – The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC
or whatever this day happens to be 12/9 – DC9 – Washington, DC

New Animal – Falling Up

New Animal

New Animal recently released a video for the single “Falling Up, which you can watch here.  The Atlanta-based duo of Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette started collaborating in 2010, and recently released two new songs, “Falling Up” and “They Won’t Let Me Go,” via Old Flame Records.  They are currently available as digital downloads, with a limited edition cassette version to follow.  “Falling Up” is an emotional song on its own, but one that has existing layers that become more apparent as you listen to/watch the song put to a visual narrative.

New Animal – Falling Up by Old Flame Records

Humans – Possession

Humans Traps

We last wrote about Humans following the release of Avec Mes Mecs (October 2010) and Humans (January 2011), both of which we had been crushing on for a while.  Now, we have a new love interest – the 10-track album Traps (March 2012),which includes three remixes.  Recently, the Vancouver-based production/performance duo Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq have opened for Junior Boys, How to Dress Well, Grimes, and more.  Their first two singles “De Ciel” and “Horizon” off this new album are now followed by “Possession,” for which they just released a trailer for an upcoming video.  A full-length from Humans is in the works.

Humans – Possession

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