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Ginger and the Ghost


I first heard of Ginger And The Ghost when I saw them live at sxsw this year. And my love for them has grown significantly from the moment Ginger went on stage to captivating the audience with her voice and ethereal costumes and then grew when I started listening to her tracks, watching her videos, oh and then came the remixes. The glorious, glorious remixes.

One Type Of Dark:

Is there just one type of dark?

looking through the telescope Im looking back at me

Wondering what type of girl I’m supposed to be

I’m the one that dreams in color

Ginger and the Ghost: One Type of Dark

Remix by Ta-ku:

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)

Will someone please do a remix of their track “Where Wolf?” or if you have found one out there somewhere, can you tweet us the link!?

Major Lazer – Original


I mean… all around obsessed I’m not even putting words to this shit just watch:


Major Lazer – Get Free

when you dont quite remember how this slipped your radar even though it feels like its been a big part of your mixed up nights all along… <3



Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill

Because it feels like Friday & because our love for this song will never die



SLEIGH BELLS “Rill Rill” from P.S. 260 on Vimeo.

Bat For Lashes – : – Laura


you say that you’re stuck in a pale blue dream. and your tears feel hot on my bed sheets.

Streets of Laredo


she’s my girlfriend. im trying to pay my rent.

Streets of Laredo are Auckland, NZ born, Brookln-based indie-folk band: Daniel, David & Sarahjane Gibson & Si Moore – i love family bands and i love their new (and first) video for ‘Girlfriend.’ You should like them on facebook and in real life. And listen to more of their stuff here.

she’s my girlfriend. im on the sideline. shes in the moment. moment by moment.

Dear Streets of Laredo, we live in Brooklyn too. Can we be extras in your next video? <3 ftb.

New Animal – Falling Up

New Animal

New Animal recently released a video for the single “Falling Up, which you can watch here.  The Atlanta-based duo of Kris Hermstad and Derek Burdette started collaborating in 2010, and recently released two new songs, “Falling Up” and “They Won’t Let Me Go,” via Old Flame Records.  They are currently available as digital downloads, with a limited edition cassette version to follow.  “Falling Up” is an emotional song on its own, but one that has existing layers that become more apparent as you listen to/watch the song put to a visual narrative.

New Animal – Falling Up by Old Flame Records

Humans – Possession

Humans Traps

We last wrote about Humans following the release of Avec Mes Mecs (October 2010) and Humans (January 2011), both of which we had been crushing on for a while.  Now, we have a new love interest – the 10-track album Traps (March 2012),which includes three remixes.  Recently, the Vancouver-based production/performance duo Robbie Slade and Peter Ricq have opened for Junior Boys, How to Dress Well, Grimes, and more.  Their first two singles “De Ciel” and “Horizon” off this new album are now followed by “Possession,” for which they just released a trailer for an upcoming video.  A full-length from Humans is in the works.

Humans – Possession

50 Years of Bond (girls).


raise your hand if youre excited for Bond girls I mean Bond…i personally am much more interested in what the Bond girls look like/are wearing and how cool their guns are. I mean just look at photos of Grace Jones aka ‘May Day’ – amazing fashion. amazing Bond girl name.

Speed of Sound‘s A. Skillz & Krafty Kuts created a ’50 Years of Bond Mini Mix’ – see the killer tribute video below.

Fact: Ringo Starr’s wife, Barbara Bach, played Agent XXX in the tenth James Bond film The Spy Who Loved Me.

Cheers Elephant – Doin’ It Right

wherever it takes me…


Et Musique Pour Tous posted about them a few weeks back and i loved it at first sight/listen.

Cheers Elephant is a quartet from Philly – they look and sound like what I imagine my pops and his friends to listen to in the 70′s sitting around in their puma track suits with some beers on their way to play basketball so naturally I’m in love with this album. They recently released ‘Like Wind Blows Fire’ – 10 tracks for $10. A few shows this month and next in Philly.

Stand out tracks: Peoples; Doin It Right; Leaves; Little Dog.

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