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Interview with SUNGLASSES / Giveaway


Tonight is the night — forthebeat Presents: Sunglasses EP release party at Pianos at 9:30 PM with Psychobuildings, Magic Man and Aux Arc.  Are you coming?  YES!

We’re giving away a FREE limited-edition hand-sewn EP, courtesy of Lefse Records.  If you’re the winner AND you happen to live in NYC, we’ll throw you a comp for tonight’s show as well.  Please post the following: “Sunglasses EP Release Party tonight:”  SL and I will search for your posts on Facebook and Twitter and randomly select a winner by 3 PM today.

To prepare for later, read an interview with Sunglasses below, listen to these songs and pick out something sexy to wear to our party…

Sunglasses – Whiplash

Sunglasses – Referee

Your highly-anticipated EP drops on June 15, what’s been the most exciting part of this process?
The most exciting part for us is having a tangible versions of our songs. The experience of rubbing our fingers across our music and smelling the wax. The greatest feeling will be handing the first copies we get to our moms.

What color best describes your band’s aura/vibe?

What’s up with the dog in your album artwork?  What’s his name?
Her name is Chloe, she is Sams dog and by the far the greatest dog in the world. Chloe is our mentor and our guardian. Sunglasses would have never taken place if it wasnt for her unforgiving wisdom. Big Ups to Miss Dooges.

What’s your favorite Sunglasses song / which do you love performing live and why?
The song we are most excited about at the moment is our newest song, “Common Sense” which has been extremely fun to play live. The song will be featured on our upcoming full length.

When or how did you first fall in love with music? (Your dad taught you banjo, you heard Dirty Diana in a bathroom, etc.)
Both of our dads are really into music and truthfully are the ones to blame. We were highly exposed to music through them and on the way to soccer games. Sam’s dad was obcessed with R.E.M., the English Beat, Joe Jackson & the Psychedelic Furs. Brady’s dad was really into Frank Zappa, The Who, Yes, Enigma and Seal.

How influential has your time at SCAD been in your musical endeavors?
Huge! Thats where we met, and really found what we came there for. Savannah was a creative atmosphere to grow and meet fellow people with the same goals. We utilized the facalities as much as we could. Shooting sketch comedy and music videos on their green screen studios as well as recording and mixing music in their studios. Also having the opportunity to work on films of all kinds. Our majors in college were Film (Samuel) and Sound (Brady). Our goal is to continue excelling in those creative areas (currently working on a feature length script) as well as incorporating those artistic principles in our music.

New York or Savannah?
We enjoy both really. They both have different aspects that we enjoy equally. Savannah gave us the opportunity to start from the ground up and learn. There was absolutely no music scene before we were there, we had to create it and it was a great learning process. Once we got going and we needed to go the next level, New York was a great vehicle for us to progress as musicians and to get away from small town claustrophobia.

Who do you see in the industry as really doing something different and exciting?
Flying Lotus is currently the only new artist we have been listening to. Also we are looking forward to the new Big Boi and OutKast albums and still have our fingers crossed for a Kate Bush collaboration.

What one song must everyone download RIGHT NOW?
Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You”

What is the most shameful song on your iPod?
Chaka Khan – “I Feel For You”

If you could cover / put a Sunglasses spin on any song right now, what would it be and describe what it would sound like?
XTC – “Its nearly Africa”. We would amp up its jungle rhythms, and vocal harmonies. We would also heighten the sense of atmosphere and hopefully take it some where new as well hold on to what we love about the band and the song. In our minds XTC are horribly underrated and it is our goal to bring public awareness to them. They are massively amazing. Their approach to music is very similar to ours and we hold them high to the sky. If you are care about yourself and the world at large you will purchase English Settlement and/or Drums & Wires!

Ticket Giveaway: Paper Garden Showcase NYC


Artist SAADI, pictured above, is among the artists playing tomorrow’s Paper Garden benefit concert at Death By Audio in Brooklyn. The show will feature six acts including Peasant, Alcoholic Faith Mission, and SAADI; full line-up below. forthebeat is giving away two tickets to tomorrow’s show! Email us at for a chance to win. Include your name, favorite color and of course favorite artist from the line-up below and you miiight just win a chance to see all 6 awesome bands. We will pick a winner by tomorrow at 3 PM.

The lineup for tomorrow is awesome. Set times here:

The City & Horses – 8:00 pm
Peasant – 8:45 pm (*forthebeat favorite)
SAADI – 9:15 pm
Hymns – 10:00 pm
Alcoholic Faith Mission – 10:45 pm (*forthebeat is most excited to see!)
Pet Ghost Project – 11:30 pm

The City & Horses:
The City & Horses – I Love the Girls

Alcoholic Faith Mission:
Alcoholic Faith Mission – My Eyes to See

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