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Misun Sharpshooter

Misun (pronounced ‘me-sun’) is Washington, DC-based trio Misun Wojcik (vocals), Nacey (production) and William DeVon (bass/keys).  Their debut The Sea was released in the Summer of 2012 – while that was a while ago, I recommend checking out the full EP here. There is a lot more where that came from — below are some additional tracks floating around (and check out their SoundCloud page here).  Liking what you hear?  Live in LA?  Misun will be celebrating the release of their next single “Travel With Me / Sleep” on 7″ vinyl at Bootleg Bar on February 18th.

I n t r o d u c i n g: Laurel <3


I haven’t had a girl crush like this in awhile. Not since Florrie and then all of a sudden on a warm, sunny morning…. I n w a l k s Laurel. Laurel Arnell-Cullen is “London’s last sweetheart”

Check out Mankind and Blue Blood – Blue Blood was my first intro to Laurel – beautiful voice, beautiful beats. Soulful and passionate – a new addictive beauty to listen and daydream endlessly to…Laurel evokes those little painful moments of love that were the best and the worst all at once but most of all made you feel alive.


Take it slow I don’t need this
Birthday sex, you were the best
and Oh babe I’ll love you till your lonely
Oh babe, I’ll love you till you love me
I’ll love you till you love me


Ginger and the Ghost


I first heard of Ginger And The Ghost when I saw them live at sxsw this year. And my love for them has grown significantly from the moment Ginger went on stage to captivating the audience with her voice and ethereal costumes and then grew when I started listening to her tracks, watching her videos, oh and then came the remixes. The glorious, glorious remixes.

One Type Of Dark:

Is there just one type of dark?

looking through the telescope Im looking back at me

Wondering what type of girl I’m supposed to be

I’m the one that dreams in color

Ginger and the Ghost: One Type of Dark

Remix by Ta-ku:

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)

Will someone please do a remix of their track “Where Wolf?” or if you have found one out there somewhere, can you tweet us the link!?

New Artist: Saint Michel


some boys in stripes (maybe) are here from France on Monday for a special show. Saint Michel are in from France, Versailles to be specific (Daft Punk, Air and Phoenix all hailed from here). And if that isnt dreamy enough then be sure to watch the video for their single ‘Katherine’ to get your heart rate /crush going …and fall for their beautifully heartbreaking lyrics for ‘Katherine’ below.

Monday’s show will be in NYC at Le Baron and if you havent been to Le Baron yet,  dont miss this one. Le Baron is open 11-4am daily, located on Mulberry Street. Encore is running this one and an RSVP is required.

Burberry Shows Us Their Moves


Its always great to see amazing luxury brands pay homage to up-and-coming bands. The iconic Brit brand Burberry is known to showcase some amazing talent at their events and launches in New York + London.

Recently, British actress and ad campaign star Gabriella Wilde hosted an event at the Burberry 57th Street store in New York in celebration of ‘The Britain’ – the brand’s new stunning watch collection. British musician Ren Harvieu performed live, featuring songs from her first album, released May 2012.

‘The Britain’ also launched with a live music event at their London Regent Street store last month and will continue the partayyy next month in Beijing.

Check out Ren Harvieu’s acoustic session exclusively for Burberry here:

Burberry has also partnered with Keane, Jonny Borrell from Razorlight, One Night Only, Life in Film, and more.

New Artist: Silent Rider

silent rider

Silent Rider is Brooklyn-based electronic producer Reed Kackley, whose self-titled, self-release debut will drop on September 18th.  Kackley’s sound is described as “bits and pieces of several genres, often utilizing melodramatic vocals, swelling synths, somber piano tones, heavy basslines, and concise, hard-hitting drums.”  In conjunction with the album’s release, Silent Rider will start performing live as a four piece.  Check out the track “I Was A Bomb” below and listen to more original tracks plus a few remixes and covers on the Silent Rider SoundCloud page HERE.

Silent Rider – I Was a Bomb

New Artist: Underwaters


New artist Underwaters is Jorge (aka .ender.) from Spain on “keyboards, crazy machines and intelligent instruments” and Nathalie Cahuzac from France lending her vocals, lyrics, guitar or “any other noise.”  Their EP Once in June is available as a free download HERE.

Upload me by underwaters

Beacon – Feeling’s Gone


Recently signed to one of our favorite labels Ghostly International (Matthew Dear, Phantogram, Gold Panda, Com Truise), Brooklyn duo Beacon are re-releasing their debut EP No Body for FREE here and prepping for the release of their second EP, For Now — “five songs that continue the band’s exploration of the dark spaces under the surface of human relationships.”  The first track to be released is “Feeling’s Gone,” below…

Beacon – Feeling’s Gone by ghostly

The 1975 – Facedown EP

the 1975

The Facedown EP from Manchester-based The 1975 is a solid debut comprised of four songs, each simultaneously evoking very different emotions, ranging from darkness to light and melancholy to hope.  Title track “Facedown” and the track “Antichrist” below.  You can purchase the EP on iTunes HERE.

The 1975 – Facedown by the1975

The 1975 – Antichrist by the1975

Cheers Elephant – Doin’ It Right

wherever it takes me…


Et Musique Pour Tous posted about them a few weeks back and i loved it at first sight/listen.

Cheers Elephant is a quartet from Philly – they look and sound like what I imagine my pops and his friends to listen to in the 70′s sitting around in their puma track suits with some beers on their way to play basketball so naturally I’m in love with this album. They recently released ‘Like Wind Blows Fire’ – 10 tracks for $10. A few shows this month and next in Philly.

Stand out tracks: Peoples; Doin It Right; Leaves; Little Dog.

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