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Nicolas Jaar: Mi Mujer


Screen Shot 2012-11-24 at 3.55.13 PM

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Nicolas Jaar – Mi Mujer by Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar/Scout Larue and Will Epstein – And I Say

Burberry Shows Us Their Moves


Its always great to see amazing luxury brands pay homage to up-and-coming bands. The iconic Brit brand Burberry is known to showcase some amazing talent at their events and launches in New York + London.

Recently, British actress and ad campaign star Gabriella Wilde hosted an event at the Burberry 57th Street store in New York in celebration of ‘The Britain’ – the brand’s new stunning watch collection. British musician Ren Harvieu performed live, featuring songs from her first album, released May 2012.

‘The Britain’ also launched with a live music event at their London Regent Street store last month and will continue the partayyy next month in Beijing.

Check out Ren Harvieu’s acoustic session exclusively for Burberry here:

Burberry has also partnered with Keane, Jonny Borrell from Razorlight, One Night Only, Life in Film, and more.

New Release: Yung Life

yung life

A bunch of blogs that posted about Yung Life following the release of the band’s second full-length (June 2012) started their posts with the word “wow.”  Maybe it’s because the 80′s synthpop sound is a departure from Yung Life’s first album Youth’s Hours (July 2011).  Or maybe it’s because the 80′s synthpop sound is a bit unexpected from a group of Southern boys.  Either way, the lead track “Isn’t This” (below) is fun, nostalgic and worthy of pressing play.  While this album doesn’t push boundaries in the grand scheme of things, it’s refreshing when bands can continue to reinvent themselves, release the unexpected and offer new music that ignites excitement again and again for their fans.

Yung Life – Isn’t This

St. Vincent – Year of the Tiger


This weekend was pretty rough, so we’re slowing it down a bit.

I haven’t given St. Vincent’s new album Strange Mercy a fair listen yet, but I can say love, love this song.  Below is a link to the track as well as a video from her 4AD Session, for which she played 4 songs from her new and third album.  St. Vincent plays Webster Hall in NYC on Thursday before heading to SL’s side of the pond next week.

St. Vincent – Year of the Tiger

Julian Plenti is…

julian plenti

I was watching the movie Twelve the other day, and while it wasn’t that awesome, the soundtrack and this song by Julian Plenti was definitely the highlight of the film.

Julian Plenti is the solo project of Interpol frontman Paul Banks, and Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper is the first (and only album thus far), released in 2009 – a ways back.  The album was described as “an ambitious attempt to give Banks his individuality back…Interpol may take most of the plaudits in his career but it’s Julian Plenti who reveals the true Paul Banks.”

No plans for more from Julian Plenti just yet.  However, Banks might have more solo projects (and new monikers) in the works, and is rumored to have more material “like Julian Plenti” to release in 2012.

Julian Plenti – Only If You Run

Things we like…


A new social music site that is currently in Beta-format, allows users (invite-only right now, but you can score an invitation if any of your Facebook friends has an account) to become virtual DJs, share music in themed rooms (my room of choice right now is “Indie While You Work”) and vote on your favorite DJs and songs.  So how does it all work?  Here’s a blurb I pulled from

It’s a browser-based chatroom that streams music based on the choices of a rotating cast of DJs drawn from whoever is in the room. There are up to five DJs at any one time who create playlists; the station cycles through the playlists one song at a time, moving from one DJ’s pick to the next, as the room votes on how “lame” to “awesome” the track is. A (sometimes fast-moving) discussion takes place in a chatroom on the bottom right of the screen. DJs get points for picking popular songs and if enough people think a song is lame, it skips to the next. You can upload songs or search through the Medianet-powered library to create your playlist when it’s your turn to DJ.  The app is also, presumably, making money by helping people discover new music socially. Mouse over a song you like and click “add to iTunes” to buy it.

So if you’re up for the challenge, head over to, create a playlist and make sure it’s kick ass so you don’t get voted off the virtual turntables.  Here’s a track from Discovery that keeps popping up in “Indie While You Work”…

Discovery – Osaka Loop Line

Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise

avett brothers

Ever since The Avett Brothers performed with Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons at the Grammys earlier this year (a magical and inspiring performance), their song “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” keeps popping into my head or keeps finding its way onto a speaker somewhere in my vicinity – the count was three times this past weekend, so I wanted to throw it up here.  Because I can’t escape it and I just love it, here you are…

The Avett Brothers – Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise

Bob Dylan at Grammy Awards 2011
- Watch more Music Videos at Vodpod.

Walter Meego – Wondervalley


Walter Meego‘ s second full length Wondervalley (out November 2010) was recorded over six months in a town called Wondervalley just East of Los Angeles, where the band re-located after forming in Chicago in 2004.  After a brief hiatus following their studio time, band members Justin Sconza (guitar, keyboards and vocals) and Colin Yarck (production) are back on and will be playing this summer with the original line up.

Check out “Starlight,” Justin’s favorite track from Wondervalley below and you can stream the album here.  For some of their past material, check out their series of EPs and debut album “Voyager,” which came out in May 2008, as well as many, many remixes of their material.

Walter Meego – Starlight

Evan Voytas – Voytastic


oh, hello – we have a new contributor.  Her name is Maggie but you can call her MG.


This kind of sound deserves its own word.  So I made one up.

Evan Voytas’ recent EP Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere evokes the same kind of optimism that is echoed in the EP’s title track – that anything is possible.   And it kind of is, considering the differing influences that Voytas has integrated into his sublimely sedated sound.  He cites acid jazz, reclusion, 70’s pop, 90’s rap, and a farmhouse on a dirt road in Pennsylvania as contributors to his spare & minimal pop format, which have led him to the beaches of Los Angeles.  And sure enough, when you learn this and specifically listen for those things, you can hear each one of them present in his tracks.

It’s a sound that evokes imagery of Ryan McGinley’s work, or anticipation for the sand in your pants that we’re all sure to experience this summer in the Rockaways, after we’ve decided that choking on saltwater is not our scene and are throwing back 6-packs instead.

So…in honor of that, throw him on your apple device of choice and crack open a cold one.  Here’s to you, EV.

Evan Voytas – Tomorrow Night We’ll Go Anywhere

Evan Voytas – Our Thing

French + Electronic

fred falke

Two of my favorite words. And two of my favorite french electronic artists collaborated awhile ago on a track they titled “Intro.” This isn’t new but we never posted this and its one of my favorites I wanted to share.

It’s my subway anthem and maybe your work anthem or your eating a banana anthem, sky’s the limit.

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke need no introduction really, they are both pioneers and legends in the electro production and DJ space, both on Braxe’s label, Vulture.   AB’s international tour dates for the month and some new remixes here. And if you aren’t familiar with Fred Falke’s Whitest Boy Alive’s remix of “Golden Cage,” hurry.

Alan Braxe and Fred Falke – Intro

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