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Walter Sobcek- New Remix

walter sobcek

I fell in love with this Parisian wonder Walter Sobcek a few years back  when I first heard “Traci’s Party.” WS  just released some new material which includes a remix of Keren Ann’s “My Name is Trouble.” We had the pleasure of asking Walter Sobcek a few questions, here’s what he had to say:

- Is the new song part of your next EP?

The new song is a remix of Keren Ann, a french singer-songwriter we really love. Her album is now released in the U.S. We are currently finalizing our our new EP featuring two new tracks and three remixes. It’s called “Miami” and will be out in the early summer.

- Where can U.S. fans buy “Traci’s Party” and your other remixes?

For the moment, they are all available for listening on our Soundcloud.

- Who is Walter Sobcek and where are you based?

Walter Sobcek is a duo and we share our time between Paris, Berlin and Miami.

- Are you still in love with ‘Chelsea’ (from Walter Sobcek’s original bio)?

We are just starting to tell Walter’s story. The EP “Miami” will be the beginning of his adventures.

- What’s next?

We will be recording our follow-up mini album which should be set for release towards the end of the year. We’ll also be doing some DJ sets around France and later, the U.S.

Keren Ann – My Name Is Trouble (Walter Sobcek Remix) by Walter Sobcek

Interview with High Highs

high highs
Australia’s High Highs played a beautiful set last night at Mercury Lounge, opening for UK’s Summer Camp. That really is the best word to describe them, their sound is just so pretty and dreamy. Like a dream on a beach.

I asked them some questions after their set and here’s what all three of them had to say (Lead Vocals- Guitarist , Jack Milas, Drummer Zachary Lipkins and Keyboards, Oli Chang)

What’s the first track  you played tonight called?
“Once around the House”

What’s “Open Season” about?
Its a self reflective song. It’s hard to answer but its about open space…nothing to do with hunting though. (JM)

What’s your favorite venue in NY to play?
Tonight at Mercury Lounge was great. (JM) Webster Hall (OC).

Is this spring your first sxsw?

Your drummer looks like James Franco, does he get that a lot?
No, never but we’ll take it! (JM) Who is James Franco? (OC)

When is your 4 song EP coming out?
Within the next two months.

What’s your favorite song to play live?

Probably an untitled track from the album (JM + OC). Flowers Bloom (ZL)

What color best describes your aura/vibe?
Multicolored lights or pink+ light blue (JM). Very dark blood burgundy (OC).

High Highs – Phone Call

The band is offering a free download of  their new song “Horses” here.

Man Love Interview


Noel from Hooray For Earth is one of our favorites, and George from Twin Shadow is one of his favorites (and ours too!).  Noel recently promised us a juicy interview with George and sent over a potent, hard-hitting Q & A comprised of three questions:

Noel: What’s the last remix you heard that made you say “oh, damn”?
George: Probably a Trentemoller remix…

Noel: Have you rode in a police car/was it fun?
George: Yes, 3 times in fact, it sucked, don’t let anyone try to glorify it, it just sucks.

Noel: Is the kick drum loud enough?
George: Never

Here’s some new stuff from these two – the new single off of the soon-to-be-released Hooray For Earth full-length, which Pitchfork debuted yesterday, and Twin Shadow singing “Shooting Holes” on – both below…

TWIN SHADOW “SHOOTING HOLES” from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Matt FX Interview Part Deux

matt fx

And here’s the rest from Matt F.X., the 19-year-old music supervisor for the MTV show Skins – more on his own band and musical tastes.  Listen to 3D Friends while you read (their song “Lina Magic” is the show’s theme song)…

3D Friends – Lina Magic

What pockets of the world are you seeing as amazing sources of new music?  (Don’t say Brooklyn.)  How influenced are you by the original Skins / London?
Staten Island! Those guidos know how to party. No, but seriously, Brooklyn’s cool, Austin’s cool. My personal taste tends to range towards the exciting electronic stuff going on right now, which tends to either come out of California (Brainfeeder crew, Nosaj Thing, Baths, etc.) or the UK. The Future Garage scene in London is awesome, as is stuff coming out of Bristol and Manchester.

Who are some up-and-comers we should be on the lookout for?  What bands or artists do you see as really doing something different and exciting today?
Jai Paul is going to raise and reshape the pop landscape by the end of this year, mark my words. He’s only released one song so far, BTSTU, so there is a bit of guesswork involved there.  In terms of artists that are doing something exciting and different, my heart belongs to James Blake. I could write an essay about each release he’s made and how genius and brilliant his craft is; coming from a classical background, analyzing his music for me is one of the most rewarding things I can do as a listener and aspiring producer. People always compare him to other London bass-music artists (like Mount Kimbie) but I think he’s in a class of his own.

Are you in a band?
I have a band with my best bro, who is the drummer of Starscream. We’re called Otis & Love, and I play piano and sing while he drums. Since he’s doing Starscream mostly right now it’s kind of on the backburner; my main project is a solo kind of singer/producer/songwriter project. reaaaaally shitty demos are up on my soundcloud.

What one song must everyone download RIGHT NOW?
My normal “DOWNLOAD RIGHT NOW” song is usually a James Blake chuune, but I’ve been really really digging the noise that Hooray For Earth are making. Especially True Loves.

If there was one song in the world that you wish you could take credit for, what would it be?
I don’t really think I can answer that. As much as there are a few acts I wish I could mimic the aesthetic of (and have tried), I wish only to take credit for the messes I make myself. That being said, I would have liked to be a ghost in the shadows while the Walkmen were writing their first album, “Everyone who pretended to like me is gone.” It’s not even song-specific, but I just think that album is one of the greatest examples of a band masterfully painting a mood across a bunch of songs. Perfection, I think.

What is the most shameful song on your iPod?
Shameful? My Chemical Romance’s second album is still a masterwork, regardless of how little I still listen to it. If it’s one of those nights, it’s a great record.

Has a song ever made you cry?
I think Twin Sister and the 3 song stretch near the end of James Blake’s lp, -”To Care (Like You)”, “Why Don’t You Call Me?”, & “I Mind”- have made me come very, very close. Also Blinking Pigs by Little Dragon.

What color best describes your aura / vibe?

**Thanks Rachel Been and Billboard

Interview with Matt F.X. (Part One)

Effy Skins

His name is Matthew F.X. Feldman.  He’s the Music Supervisor for the MTV show Skins.  And he’s only 19!  (Well he was 18 when we started this interview a few days ago – so wish him a happy birthday.)  The native New Yorker lives and breathes music.  And today he suggests you check out James Blake.  Right now, in addition to his Skins gig, he’s working as the New York representative for Ruby Pseudo, a London-based Youth Consultancy that works with companies like Converse and Nokia to better understand youth today.  So here we go – interview, part 1 (because this kid has a lot to say, and we liked listening…)

James Blake – I’ll Stay

James Blake – The Wilhelm Scream

How’d you fall into this gig?  Were the producers looking for a music supervisor in the same age range as the characters on the show?
I fell into this gig through a friend who brought me into the teen writer’s group; I just kept asking about music until Bryan Elsley asked me to make him a mix. He’s always had a young music supervisor in the UK show (Two 19 year olds have so far been involved, Alex Hancock for the first two seasons and Kyle Lynd since.)

You kicked off the series with Animal Collective.  What was the thinking behind that?
That song was actually chosen by Kyle! Before I had started there was a short pilot presentation that he had chosen the music for which included that opening. I totally understand and approve, though; opening a show like ours with a band that’s become synonymous in many ways with new-school  music ideology and indie greatness was a fantastic idea.

Any epiphany moments so far matching a song to a story line / scene?
Oof. There’ve been quite a few moments throughout working on the season where we’ve figured out a perfect cue and it’s just completely made my day. An example coming up for next week’s episode would be the song that’s playing when Cadie gets to Michelle’s party; also the music at the end. There’s so much to consider, but since so much “indie” music these days has so many layers and elements there are times when you only consider a certain aspect and then find that the rest of the song matches with the rest of what’s going on in the scene.

Do you have songs in mind now that you KNOW you have to use (without having seen anything to put them to)?
I’d really, really love to get “Expensive Tastes” by the Cold War Kids into the show. It’s one of their older songs that appeared on one of the eps before their first album. People don’t know it, but they really should.

Has all the hype and controversy surrounding the show effected your day to day life?  (You are killing it with the ladies, your parents are pissed, etc.)
Ha! I wish I was killing it with the ladies. To be honest, I’ve kind of been to busy to think about it! I have a traditional Chinese mother who at first was quite displeased when the trailers started rolling out; since watching the show she’s come around though. I think she’s actually learning a lot about me and U.S. youth culture in the process.

Is your age a problem when it comes to seeing live shows?  How old were you when you snuck into your first show?
My first concert was maroon 5 and the donnas, which was all ages. Shut up! I was in 6th grade, and I bought the tickets way below face value myself on Craigslist. A lot of the smaller bands I see in the DIY scene have firm All-Ages beliefs, and the bigger bands that come through town usually have an 18+ date besides from the somewhat obligatory 21+ Mercury Lounge show. It’s going to be a fun night the first time I get into that place.

Other than GETTING this job, what’s been the most exciting part of the process so far?
Seeing episodes air. It’s crazy- my friends can’t decide if they’re annoyed that they’ve already heard most of this before (and don’t have a new place to get music) or if they’re excited that they’re seeing and hearing what we’ve all been listening to for months. Every week it’s insane, and I still think there’s more to “hit me.”

More tomorrow…

Interview: Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr


Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – Nothing But Our Love (Kasper Bjorke Remix)

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. will be back in town next week, performing at the Bowery Ballroom on December 17th opening for Bear Hands with The Tony Castles.  This is going to be a good show.   We recently caught up with DEJJ, and here’s what they had to say…

Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.?
Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein who hail from the Metropolitan Detroit area.

What’s your favorite song to perform live and why?
All of them are our little babies and we love them each equally and differently.

What’s the best show you’ve ever played?
Our EP release show had a 3-D theme and a free BBQ and 20 Detroit bands.  It was epic!

What band that you haven’t played with already would you love to perform or tour with?

The Flaming Lips and Dr John

CMJ was a big week for you – what kind of trouble did you get into?

I got bit by a dog.  He is an evil creature named Newton, and he practically raped me.  Other than that, we played so often that we were either sleeping, waiting to play or parking.

What color would best describe your band’s aura/vibe?
Green.  It’s the best of all the traffic lights

Race cars or horses?
Both have their place, but horses are too sensitive.  I never have to whisper to my hot rod to get her ready.

Who do you see in the industry as really doing something different and exciting?
Owen Palett is full blown genius.  That record he last made was a mind blower.

What one song must everyone download RIGHT NOW?
“Excuses” by the Morning Benders

What’s on the horizon?
An Album in the Spring and some special projects being made as we speak.

Interview: Wise Blood


Listen and don’t dance, go on, try it.

Ok, so Pitchfork got him first but ours is more interesting. Read about Wise Blood below and find out why his aura/vibe is white.

The forthebeat/Transparent/ABC News Amplified showcase for CMJ was last week at Public Assembly and we couldn’t have asked for a better pump-up-the crowd than opener, Wise Blood.

Chris Laufman’s debut EP has brought him some well deserved attention we’re certain will only increase, especially with his next album, which he’s working on now. Read one of our favorite ftb interviews below and buy his 5 track EP on his Bandcamp Page (one of the most fun 5 consecutive tracks we’ve heard all year)

1. Hows Pittsburgh? Do you find it inspirational for your music development?

Pittsburgh is a dark, wonderful place sort of like what Washington state looks like in the Twilight series, but creepier.

2. How was CMJ (thank you for playing our show!) Were there any bands either you performed with or saw that interested you?

CMJ was great, had a fun time, especially at your showcase. Wish I had been able to watch myself perform live, heard it was awesome.

3. I know your band’s name is based after the novel by Flannery O’Connor, do you think you will draw any future references to this novel – like song titles or lyrics? Possibly, but you’ll really have to be looking for it.

4. What’s STRT SGNS about?

Wanting to be saved by someone, wanting someone to take care of you and invest a lot in you personally.

5. What song off your EP do you like performing live best?

I think i actually like performing HERE COMES THE SUN the best

6. Who would you love to tour with/play with? We think juiceboxxx and pictureplane would be awesome…

Those are good picks but maybe Salem.

7. What color best describes Wise Blood’s aura?


Wise Blood – B.I.G. E.G.O.

New Artist: Death Metal Disco Scene


We caught up with our friend Chris Coombs to hear about his latest musical venture — Death Metal Disco Scene.  Comprised of Scorch Shepherd, David James Billing and Coombs, DMDS is a band experimenting with creating music on both sides of the pond– Coombs is currently based in Brooklyn and Shepherd and Billing are running around London town.  And while the New Yorker and Brits are best buddies on the Internets, they’ve never actually met in person.

Where did they meet?  The radio.  Coombs heard the DMDS single “21” while streaming BBC Radio One in his apartment last year, and e-mailed the band as a fan.  One thing led to another, and before he knew it, Coombs was part of a UK-based band, but lacked a super sweet accent.  Within just a few months, the band completed a new EP Beyond The Valley Of The Animals – which came out on September 13th and you can download it for FREE right HERE.

So what is it like making music with band mates that live on another continent that you’ve never met in person?  And does this open you up to the idea of an Internet girlfriend?

Coombs: I can’t speak for my bandmates at the moment on account of it being past any civilized Brit’s bedtime, but for me it’s easier than making music in a conventional band where you’re all in the same mildewed basement rehearsal space trying to mash ideas together in your allotted two hours twice a week.  The insecurities that come along with working ideas out at the scrutiny of your band mates just doesn’t exist and it gives you the freedom to be really honest & efficient with what you wind up putting down.  As for an internet love affair, I’m going to stick to real live girls.  It’s that 3rd dimension that just does something for me.

Death Metal Disco Scene – Plastic World

Interview with Grimes


Noel from Hooray For Earth (sort of) interviews Claire Boucher, aka Montreal’s Grimes

you are based in Montreal right?

who are some of your friends in music that you spend time with, like maybe there’s sort of a clique of musicians who’s company you enjoy?  I notice a handful of interesting sounds coming out of your area…
All the bands on Arbutus Records (my record label) are close friends of mine including the people who run the label, and we all definitely influence each other quite a bit.  This summer I’ve toured with both the Pop Winds and Silly Kissers, and I life with both members of Blue Hawaii.

a lot of the sounds you’re using/making are relatively non-recognizable – definitely helps in creating the other-wordly atmosphere in your music – also the chords and melodies are very fluid and lovely.  what do you have in mind when you’re making music?
bah this is a tricky question haha, um.  I tend to either have a lot in mind or nothing in mind at all.  Generally speaking, there are a series of things in my life that I become obsessed with at any given time (during the making of Geidi Primes I was particularly influenced by my escape into science fiction and the study of the physical sciences).   And whatever my weird mood might be I tend to abstractly create some kind of homage to it artistically and, at this point in my life, that happens to be through music.  I guess that sounds weird but Halfaxa is sort of my ‘medieval’ album.  I wanted to attempt to evoke the feeling of believing in God in a very Medieval Christian way.  I wanted to capture the beauty of being in a beautiful cathedral and hearing reverbed (naturally), devotional, vocal music and really believing in heaven and hell, and that the art that you are experiencing (visually, architecturally, sonically etc) is related to a higher platonic, metaphysical space, or comes directly from it through the medium of the artistic prophet.  Hildegard von Bingen is my idol right now, and I feel like she would be a good example of someone through whome God spoke and beautiful music was made via her body by a divine being (or so she claims, and I’d like to believe).   I feel like art in the middle ages was always addressing something beyond earthly experience, and I want to do the same.  But I wanted it to be vague as to what it is beyond earthly experience that is being addressed.  And I wanted the music to feel really good addictive.  I love music that is very smooth to the ears, and has lots of low frequencies as I find high frequencies very grating.

Grimes makes me feel this undercurrent of cold water running through everything…does this make sense?
hmmm yes and no.  Although that sounds really nice right now (I’m very over heated).  I’m a water sign (pisces) – and this album was actually meant to be the water album, but then it turned into what it is, but it has nothing to do with dark water, or really water at all.  I think things need to be really high fi to sound like water, but I do think Halfaxa is very cold.  Maybe you are asking about Geidi Primes, in which case I’m not sure.

have you been to New York?
Yes, and each time it becomes more assaulting, but I am better able to relate with it, which is nice.  so it becomes better and worse at the same time.  I think I’ve been three times.

I had to sell my car to move here (manhattan) a few years ago and i hate not having a car.  just for obvious reasons, like getting around and joyriding – but very specifically it was the one place thats its always ok the blast the hell out of the stereo.  do you have a car?

I do not have a car, nor should I be able to have one.  I failed my drivers test 5 times, which was both shameful and expensive.  And even still, I have serious problems paying attention and following rules so when I do drive it’s generally rather precarious.

do you do your artwork and photography?

I don’t take photos of myself, generally those come from my friends but I’m not really happy with most of them, I’m not sure I necessarily want people to know what I look like.  Although I’m about to borrow a friends camera hopefully, and I want to do a series of artful faux-fashion shoots with my friends because I love photographs of people.  But I do do my own art-work, although I have rejected illustration recently in favour of photo-shop, and I’m not as proficient in that yet.

i’m definitely going to be listening to Grimes this fall…fall is my favorite time of year for music.  do you concur?
Fall is just my favourite season in general.  I’m glad you will listen to Grimes.  I don’t like listening to music in the summer or spring, mostly just fall and winter.

Grimes – Weregild

Grimes – Dream Fortress

Exclusive Interview: Chairlift’s Caroline Polachek


forthebeat was ecstatic to be able to chat recently with Caroline Polachek of Chairlift about the new album, its inspiration, why Chairlift’s aura is multi-colored and some advice to up-and-comings. Full interview below and some special remixes Caroline shared with us that Chairlift mixed for Passion Pit and Telepathe:

How is the recording of your new album going? It’s intense. We’re really excited about the flavor that the new songs all have in common. I can’t quite describe it yet, but they’re more overt yet more mysterious at the same time.

What was behind the decision in choosing London as the location to record? It’s a secret!

What color best describes Chairlift’s vibe/aura? Either aqua or ultraviolet… But not matte, it has to be illuminated, like from a LCD screen or the sky at dawn. In general i think pairing two colors together is way more evocative than just seeing one on it’s own. it implies a scene.

What city has been most inspiring in influencing your next album? Since we’re on the move and don’t get to stay in one place for very long, “the city” becomes an amalgamation of all the places recently visited. Sort of a dream, where features of different acquaintances get smushed together to be dream-person, that you kinda know and you kind of don’t. So i suppose that feeling of shifting pieces comes through on the record, of transience, of being a ghost passing through.

What’s a small piece of advice you would give to bands starting out that you wish you had? Learn to record yourselves, and make your own music videos.

Can you share anything specific about your new album? i.e. title, any song titles, theme, etc. There’s a song from the point of view of two cannibals in love.

Your fashion style is iconic. What do you attribute your inspiration to? I like the idea of dressing functionally- getting geared up for an imaginary event. Even if it’s just to go to the corner store, i like to dress for where i wish i was going. Sometimes that’s enough to make it happen.

Caroline also gave us two really amazing tracks to share that Chairlift remixed for Passion Pit and Telepathe:

Passion Pit – To Kingdom Come (Chairlift Remix)

Telepathe – So Fine (Chairlift Remix)

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