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Black Books

Black Books

Black Books is a 5-piece Austin-based band, recently recognized by a number of hometown outlets as “best band” and for “best album” on the heels of their October 2013 debut.  A must-see at SXSW and a “let me go listen to/find out more about these guys ASAP,” Black Books brings us cinematic, syrupy and emotive “southern dream pop.”

Shang-Dat Tang


With a name like that you don’t really need an introduction …Shang-Dat Tang is a London based DJ – his mixes on Spotify are great but this 4 hour playlist is a game changer kids- I mean it gets you through ittt

there’s 90s remixes from Brandy to Jill Scott to Janet Jackson mixed in ways that make you forget you played out that track to death – because its back, fresh from vacation, with a new hair do, as been on a diet and is lookin fabulous

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