Ginger and the Ghost


I first heard of Ginger And The Ghost when I saw them live at sxsw this year. And my love for them has grown significantly from the moment Ginger went on stage to captivating the audience with her voice and ethereal costumes and then grew when I started listening to her tracks, watching her videos, oh and then came the remixes. The glorious, glorious remixes.

One Type Of Dark:

Is there just one type of dark?

looking through the telescope Im looking back at me

Wondering what type of girl I’m supposed to be

I’m the one that dreams in color

Ginger and the Ghost: One Type of Dark

Remix by Ta-ku:

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)

Will someone please do a remix of their track “Where Wolf?” or if you have found one out there somewhere, can you tweet us the link!?