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Wolf Alice. big sigh. reminds me of when I first fell for Julianna Hatfield. This foursome are from London.Wolf-Alice1

White Leather is off of their B sides from newly released EP, Fluffy. Its one of those songs that takes you away to distant memories of late nights and fuzzy mornings. Ellie Roswell is the lead and her voice is soothing and emotional without evoking anything overly painful…theres a sweetness she keeps to it…I forget where I read this but a recent blog mentioned it was about rejection, I guess you could see it that way.

Can’t wait until they announce U.S. tour dates – for now all UK…

Have You Heard Of: Pocono

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 9.06.12 PM

our new posts “have you heard of” spotlights tracks you need to listen to – now – according to who? just us. ok? us.

so yea lets start with Pocono. Have you heard of Pocono? Nashville based. Nice catchy really just nice tunes. Makes us think of – girls in boots and flannels. Opened shirts, not buttoned, on the dance floor, beer bottle in hand swaying to “Candelight”

We listened once – instant like. We listened twice – very sexy. into it. Self – titled EP out Feb 19th. Check more of their songs and info here.


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