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Cant. Stop. Repeating.


I can’t stop repeating this – I have tried. I have tried to press ‘next’ on my HypeM playlist but I just cant and I have resolved that its ok that I have played this remix over 50 times in the last two days.

Erol Sabadosh is known for his amazing mash ups and remixes of pop and dance tracks, I’ve seen him at London W before and his energy is amazing.

Listen to the man here and if you ever want to book him for your next party or event –



Exclusive Mixtape from Danger Village


The ‘January 2013 The Future is Now’ Mix

Beth Martinez of Danger Village produced an exclusive mixtape for forthebeat and its f-ng rad. A few artists we already loved, and a few more this tape made us love even more, with of course some under the radar ones you should google & start stalking asap. Thanks Danger Village- excited to check some of your acts out at sxsw.

In their own words:

I wanted to make a mix for the start of the year to showcase what sounds we’re excited about for in 2013.  We’re especially enthused about female artists coming to the forefront more than ever recently, so this mix ended up being top-heavy with lady-fronted acts.

I’m in love with the bombastic sounds coming out of Scandinavia, full of compelling vocals and stellar synth craft of which the NO WAV production team seems to be leading the pack.  We’re stoked to see the rise of new producers like Disclosure and Ryan Hemsworth finding an audience for what they’re doing – pioneering a form of majestic sounds that combine an excellent ear for hooks with music that’s traditionally been regulated to the underground dance floor.

While the ladies are taking the lead on soaring vocal outpourings, we’re seeing a new wave of emotional ballads from songwriters like Tom Odell and Deptford Goth.  Our mix represents musicians from around the world who are finding ways to recraft tired genres into new and exciting music.  We’re happy to see that the artform of songwriting hasn’t been lost beneath all the fascinating sounds happening in the studio cutting room.


1) Elliphant – Down On Life
2) Kate Boy – Northern Lights
3) HAERTS – Wings
4) MØ – Glass
5) CHVRCHES – Lies
6) Octover – Satisfy
7) The Neighbourhood – Let It Go
8) Disclosure (ft. AlunaGeorge) – White Noise
9) Ryan Hemsworth – BasedWorld
10) YesYou – Lights Go Down
11) Astronauts Etc – Mystery Colors
12) Deptford Goth – Union
13) Tom Odell – Another Love
14) Streets of Laredo – Girlfriend
15) Gypsy & the Cat – Bloom
16) Little Green Cars – The John Wayne

Bat For Lashes – : – Laura


you say that you’re stuck in a pale blue dream. and your tears feel hot on my bed sheets.

Youth Lagoon


there’s no one really that comes close to this for me.


Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 3.47.13 PM

New Foals – Inhaler


ohh very rock for Foals. But then again they are rock, its just easy to get lost in some of their softer ones. But they are hard bad ass m-fkers – felt the minute you see them live. also a must to note – i love jack bevans shirt in the video and Yannis’ jacket.


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