Bronze Whale – The Remix Kings of the Ocean


Bronze Whale has done some of our favorite remixes – Honey Claws’ ‘I Love Summer,’ Youth Lagoon’s ‘Daydream,’ Lips’ ‘Everything to Me’ and Adventure Club’s ‘Retro City’ – hard to just list one or two, because all of these are really v. well done. They started working with Ianborg a few months back and decided to collaborate with him on the recent Weeknd track. From BW direct: “Ian is incredible at arrangement and vocal stutters, so he really set the pace and spine of the track. We laid in our bass and drum sound and it really flowed together”

Get it on your weekend list:
The Weeknd – Twenty Eight (Ianborg & Bronze Whale Bootleg) by Bronze Whale

And please do yourself a favor and play this, frequently, infrequently, your choice but we’d go with  – all. the. time.:

Honey Claws – I Love Summer (Bronze Whale Remix) by Bronze Whale