New Artist: Teen Mom


Threesome Teen Mom are a new one from DC. Their debut EP is called ‘Mean Tom’. Sean Dalby on drums, Tom MacWright on bass and Chris Kelly is vocals/guitar – as they put it – “Just three young men, but with the strength of many more.” Yes.

I love how the ladies at Goldest Egg describe them – “hushed honey-sweet lyrics juxtaposed with giant dark slabs of distortion and manic racing drums.” ‘I Wanna Go Out’ is my first pick followed by ‘Say My Name’… their sound is innocent teenage angst mixed with some love-anger, yes love-anger…they’re kind of like your favorite high school band that you needed to follow to the woods somewhere to find their secret gigs.

instant <3.

I Wanna Go Out below and check out the video- we would have embedded it if we could…

Teen Mom – I Wanna Go Out

If youre in Washington then youre in luck:
Friday, 11/16 – The Velvet Lounge – Washington, DC
or whatever this day happens to be 12/9 – DC9 – Washington, DC