Ellie Goulding


we’ve written about the latest Ellie Goulding record before but the video for ‘I Know You Care’ just dropped and well, we <3 it. Ellie Goulding released her second album on October 5th, titled ‘Halycon.’ ‘I Know You Care’ is one of the slower ‘break-up’ tracks, and the video is scenes from a new film with Dakota Fanning (and Effie- SKINS) called Now is Good. the film is about a terminally ill teen who falls in love with a stud but the song – video or stand alone – appropriately leaves ladies little hearts longing in remembrance of broken hearts and unanswered feelings. oh feelingsssss.

Of all the reviews that poured out over the album my favorite is one that calls it ‘luxuriously epic.’ agreed.

Other stand outs include ‘Anything Can Happen,’ ‘Atlantis’ and ‘My Blood’ …

a slightly nicer note to leave you with..