Burberry Shows Us Their Moves


Its always great to see amazing luxury brands pay homage to up-and-coming bands. The iconic Brit brand Burberry is known to showcase some amazing talent at their events and launches in New York + London.

Recently, British actress and ad campaign star Gabriella Wilde hosted an event at the Burberry 57th Street store in New York in celebration of ‘The Britain’ – the brand’s new stunning watch collection. British musician Ren Harvieu performed live, featuring songs from her first album, released May 2012.

‘The Britain’ also launched with a live music event at their London Regent Street store last month and will continue the partayyy next month in Beijing.

Check out Ren Harvieu’s acoustic session exclusively for Burberry here:

Burberry has also partnered with Keane, Jonny Borrell from Razorlight, One Night Only, Life in Film, and more.