New Artist: alt-J


alt-J or ∆ (the Greek symbol for Delta, which you get from the combo of “Alt” and “J” on your computer, and also a triangle, which the band declare as their “favourite shape” – yeah, triangles ARE pretty cool) is a foursome from the U.K. who describe their sound as “folk-step” – fitting for a progressive indie sound with clear tribal influences.  Take two listens – it takes a few minutes to go from hey, these vocals are interesting? to yeah, I could listen to this again.  And again!

The band’s debut An Awesome Wave will be released on September 18th in the U.S. (it’s already out in the UK as of this past May) with a few quick tour stops in the U.S. in August just prior to the release to promote the debut.

Alt-J – Dissolve Me

alt-J: “Fitzpleasure” (Dave Sitek Remix) by Atlantic Records