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Orion – Debut Single

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Swedish newcomer Hampus, or Orion, has just debuted their first single under his own label, Norrsken Digitale. I love this. I love the beat. I love the female lead. Beautiful…more please?

I dare you to play this once and walk away, yea just walk away, go on….

Orion – ‘In The End’ out now on iTunes ( and Spotify (

Orion – In The End (Original Mix) by Orion, Online

Zambri – All You Maybes


Love this track from the sister duo’s debut LP ‘House of Baasa.’ The video is directed and animated by Johnny Woods. I often find with Zambri tracks that I’ll post a song having immediately liked it but then as it plays on, I get predictably obsessed and repeat the rest of the week//month//year//forreevveerrr

First-ever London Shows – catch the ladies next week: Jun 26 – Madame JoJos & Jun 27 – Old Blue Last

f-n. fantastic


oohh experimental electronic music how I love you so…meet Steven Gipson who produces under the name Dregin.

I wish this song was my alarm clock and the lullaby that rocked me to sleep at night like the techno lovin baby I am and was born to be.

we don’t get to check our inbox nearly as much as we’d like to but once in awhile we get to do a quick scan and certain ones just call our name. And when we find these gems, its pretty much instant love. that just happened about 5 minutes ago with Dregin.

Last but not least, dear Jesus, thank you for the weekend. thank you for the sun:

Dregin: Breathe Easy

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