New – Long Walks On The Beach – Track


#Beattheheat – Long Walks On The Beach is known for his homemade, homeworked, homebaked, homeloved, homegrown goods. And his latest is no exception. Collaboration with LWOTB’s sister, here’s “We’re Growing Up.”

For Fritz’s thoughts and inspiration behind the track, visit the premier post from yvynl – an interesting morning read and perspective.

Long Walks On The Beach: We’re Growing Up

We got oceans to part
but we stand on the street
or we roll down the street
and we yell from our cars
“We’re going away for the weekend!”
With every single beat of our hearts
can’t seem to shake what we’re feeling
with every single beat of our hearts

We’re growing up
all time
all right
all our best friends dancing in the moonlight
saw the sky hold the sea
said you’re not alone you’re with me
one love between
so hang tough, baby breathe deep
we’re growing up
we’re just growing up

Minds tired
eyes sore
have less even though we got more
and wondering why we lose the need
in each other’s arms
slow wave deep sleep
next to you next to me
seems so close, darling in our dreams
the ground swells a little more
but we won’t forget what we started dreaming for