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Wrassle Mania: Hate Fuckers


if you find anything else about this band, email me please…

Wrassle Mania – Hate Fuckers. Nothing more I could find about them other then their name and the compilation of new artists here they are a part of. For more details on the ‘Unlimited Free Milkshakes compilation, read Zen Tapes’ post on the new compilation here.

Favorite off of it includes Wrassle Mania’s Hate Fuckers below, and also Teen Suicide’s Salvia Plath. Oh word swap band name and tracks.. how intriguing you are, you…

Wrassle Mania – Hate Fuckers

Meet/Listen to Mixtape from: Passions


i love this. its so fun and light and i cant stop moving at work while i play this to me myself and my desk while imagining I am on the rooftop and yes there is a sunset. so listen to rooftop sunsets by Passions, from Sydney, Australia.

Also like them on facebook so you can look through their summer faded photos with envy:

Passions – Rooftop Sunsets by Passions
And if you’re in Sydney – 28th of April free rooftop sunset party with Passions and others that looks fun enough to fly over for.

Midi Matilda – Day Dreams (MyKill Remix)

Midi Matilda

San Francisco producer remixes San Francisco indie-electro-pop duo creating another track to add to your summer mixtapes — Midi Matilda‘s “Day Dream” remixed by MyKill.  The original track is off the EP Red Light District, which Midi Matilda debuted this past February.  You can buy the EP (name your price) from the Bandcamp page HERE.

Midi Matilda – Day Dreams (MyKill Remix)

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