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You might remember a little interview we did with Matt FX, music supervisor for the MTV show Skins (Part 1 HERE and Part 2 HERE). Since wrapping the show, our young and ambitious friend decided to really go for his passion and start making music. Here’s the FIRST track, for which he says…

It’s getting warm out, so I thought I’d let this track out to play. The track’s a true story, chapter of last summer. First of many.
With love, thanks, and certainty,

Matt FX – Breezy (Ft. Zoe Penina) by STRONGBROS

Matt FX – Breezy (Ft. Zoe Penina)

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX

There’s not much more to say other than this EP is EVERYWHERE and it’s really good / worth checking out.  Zeds Dead & Omar LinX’s Victor EP on Mad Decent’s Jeffree’s label features seven 90s sampled, hip hop tracks from the Toronto-based electro / dance duo (Zeds Dead) and rapper (Omar LinX).  The EP is available for free download on the Mad Decent Soundcloud page HERE.

Zeds Dead & Omar LinX – No Prayers

Efterklang at the Sydney Opera House


I wish I was going to be in Sydney on May 26th – 1. because it would be cool and 2. because it would be cool to go to this concert.  Efterklang will be performing live at the Sydney Opera House with the Sydney Symphony.  The concert will double as the world premiere of their new album Piramida, which will be released later this year on 4AD and Rumraket.

Here’s a bit about the show: For the concert we have engaged composers Missy Mazzoli (Kronos Quartet, Victoire), Karsten Fundal (Under Byen, Choir of Young Believers) and Daniel Bjarnason (Sigur Rós, Múm) to help our new songs to fully integrate with the Sydney Symphony orchestra, which will be conducted by Matthew Coorey.

More info HERE.

Some tunes:

Efterklang – Modern Drift (Oh No Ono’s Cologne to Paris Remix)
Efterklang – Raincoats (Trentemøller Remix)

Way Yes

Way Yes

It’s SUNNY and WARM in New York City, people are heading to SXSW and it’s my last full day in the office before heading on a trip to the sunny South myself (although not to SXSW this year, unfortunately).

So it’s time to dust off that mood changing, SAD (as in Seasonal Affective Disorder) combating music and prep for a Spring / Summer filled with BBQs, summer cocktails, summer dresses and shorts.

So here you are — a little breezy, a little psychedelic and all fun, Lefse Records is putting out the new Way Yes EP Walkability on 3/27.  Listen…

Way Yes – Important (the first single)

Some more tunes from their past 7″ HERE.

And I just really love the original of this song, so a Way Yes remix for you…

Oberhofer – Dead Girls Dance (Way Yes Remix) (an oldie but goodie)

Clams Casino


If you don’t know him: get to know him.

Clams Casino from Nutley, New Jersey. One of the best sentences I’ve ever written on here.

Clams Casino – I’m God



I’ll never doubt my love for Parisian electro. Especially anything Ed Banger. Check out SebastiAn much more beyond this track but start here for breakfast:

SebastiAn – Embody

New Artist: James Apollo


Seattle-based James Apollo is the newest artist to join one of our favorite music promo agencies, Danger Village. New album out June 5 titled ‘Little War, Little Less.’

Also check out – KEXP Song of the Day session, which you can hear here. They also recorded a Daytrotter session which you can check out.

James Apollo – Two By Two

28Black launch and Newcleus jams


28Black Event: 1 March 2012.

I hate energy drinks. I don’t like the taste of them. I’m suspicious of mixing them with alcohol. Their chemical-artificial color throws me off, and the list goes on. But last week, a new energy drink changed all of my uninspired feelings. Rumored to revolutionize the energy drink game- 28Black which also has a sugar-free sister, 28White – are both made from the acai berry and are all-natural alternatives to the energy drinks we know and lo(ath/v)e today. Ladies: its 5 calories and is subtly sweet, a perfect add to your favorite mixed drink. Fellas: One can was enough to keep my already-hyper boyfriend going, past his usual breaking point.

28Black hosted their launch event last week in Shoreditch, down the road from the Carhart store opening, at a building that has no official name or function, listed as 32 Cremer Street. The main floor, upstairs rooms and outside garden made for a fun scene, especially with the 28Black bonfire in the outdoor space and pop-up photo booth upstairs.

Whether intentional or not, 80’s era reigned throughout the night. From the French artist Cemo, who was commissioned to transform the upstairs of the event into an interactive gallery, showcasing his graffiti and comics-inspired pieces, (all of his work can be found at his blog, ‘80’s conspiracy,’) to the light-up Tetris /Space Invaders robot on the dance floor and lastly, tying it all together, DJ Jon Rust spinning 80’s hip hop like Newcleus and the dub version of Will Powers’ “Adventures in Success.” While 28Black is very much the new energy drink of today and not of the 1980’s, we do hope the company will at least consider an 80’s throwback theme song. Our pick would be ‘Jam On It.’

For a fruit/jam drink mix, try 28Black’s ‘Sunset 28’:

1oz. strawberry puree
2oz. passion fruit
1/4oz. vanilla syrup
4oz. 28BLACK

Shake the ingredients well and strain it over ice into glass. Fill it up with 28BLACK.

Newcleus – Computer Age

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