New Album: Feist

Oh one of the prettiest most fun (how could she not be?!) brunettes is back for a new album. Canadian’s Leslie Feist has returned with her new album Metals. I love that she uses her last name only and is known as Feist,  I would do it with mine too. First names are so trite.

I knew I would most likely *like* some of her tracks but I have been listening to her new album, song after song, and can barely make it through the next track without going back to repeat the one before. Such a beautiful, beautiful album.

I’ve missed her greatly since “My Moon, My Man” and the amazing Boys Noize remix <3…I’ve posted an original acoustic version as well as the remix as a pre-Metals tribute below. It’s the dirtiest clean I know.

The single is a slower ballad titled “How Come You Never Go There.” Another soft, really beautiful one is “Caught A Long Wind” but the whole album is full of pretty rubies and emeralds to play with over and over and match with different outfits. The Bad In Each Other” is one of my favorite tracks; her voice is so versatile and it works well as a duo.

Feist- The Bad in Each Other

Feist- My Moon, My Man Boys Noize Remix)

Feist- My Moon, My Man (Acoustic)