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St. Vincent – Year of the Tiger


This weekend was pretty rough, so we’re slowing it down a bit.

I haven’t given St. Vincent’s new album Strange Mercy a fair listen yet, but I can say love, love this song.  Below is a link to the track as well as a video from her 4AD Session, for which she played 4 songs from her new and third album.  St. Vincent plays Webster Hall in NYC on Thursday before heading to SL’s side of the pond next week.

St. Vincent – Year of the Tiger

Kaskade Fire & Ice


Kaskade is playing at my house, my house.  Well, fine, across the street from my apartment on Saturday night.  (Now you all know where I live, creepy).  For the weekend, for Halloween, and for everyone going to this on Saturday, here’s Kaskade with Dada Life and Dan Black from his new album Fire & Ice.

Kaskade & Dada Life Feat. Dan Black – Ice

Micachu & the Shapes


Why am I posting this with no new news or updates? Because its Thursday and that should be reason enough. How much do you love this track? Where does it take you? I kind of find it light and poppy until nearer to the end where I feel it is very Halloween appropriate led into a scary dark forest where you’ve lost your way.

And then you watch Ellen Paige dance to “Vulture” and it all makes sense. She got it completely right:

From the “Tracey Fragments” with original score by Broken Social Scene.

Where The Kids Are


This little gem popped up the other day — Blondfire‘s “Where The Kids Are,” which comes out digitally November 1st.  Like it?  Love it.  The dancey, breathy track is reminiscent of some of my faves from The Naked and Famous, MGMT, etc.

Blondfire is the LA based Brazilian/American-brother/sister duo of Bruce and Erica Driscoll.  “Where The Kids Are” is the first single off their upcoming, self-produced album Win The Game.  And here is the video for the song as well.


Oh, hello again

tall ships2

TALL SHIPS at PIANOS Photo Credit: Caleb Olson (Paper Gardens Intern)

Hello.  It’s been a while.  Two months to the day, actually.  Wow.  Thanks to SL for holding it down from London Town.

Well, now I’m back.  I have my giant red headphones on, listening to some of the bands we checked out at CMJ last week, getting ready to get back IN this.

We kicked off our week last week at The Syndicate / Conflict of Interest party with Boy & Bear, Chiddy Bang, etc.  I’ve always wanted forthebeat to hit up a Taco Bell FEED the Beat party.  For our first encounter, we hit up Rebel NYC.  While I would never want to find myself at this establishment  more sober than not before midnight again, I would definitely check out this sketchy, uncomfortably close to Penn Station locale super intoxicated, post 2 am with some great, great bands.  It was the perfect spot to kick off the week.

I didn’t catch too, too much last week, but what I did see were some of the acts I was most excited to check out, like Caveman and Tall Ships.  Here are a few songs to listen to…

A Lull – Weapons For War
Caveman – Decide
Tall Ships – Vessels
Tall Ships – Plate Tectonics

New Featured Artist: Lana Del Rey


its you. its you. its all for you. i tell you all the time..they say that the world was built for two.

So many remixes, so little time. Stunning voice/beauty Lana Del Rey’s “Video Games” is captivating as it is, but the remixes that have piled on recently have been welcome additions.

My favorite is  TATF’s remix.
“Video Games” by Lana Del Rey (TATF REMIX) by TapiocaandtheFlea

Beautiful original:

Home Video: CMJ DJ Set

If you missed Home Video’s DJ Set last night at the  CMJ dF/Spotify party (we did sadly)- fear not because they posted, for download (amazing!) their 40 minute set. around minute 23 I really start crushing but the whole set makes me smile from start to finish.  Artists featured include Crystal Castles, Flying Lotus, Holy Ghost, and more:

Home Video – DJ Mix 10.18.11 by HomeVideo

The Return of Mazzy Star

After a 15 year hiatus, California’s dream-pop pioneers Mazzy Star are returning. Their last album was 1996′s “Among My Swan.”

With two new singles, they promise will turn into a full length (this claim has been made before with a failed result), “Common Burn” and “Lay Myself Down” have been released as 30 seconds previews each track thus far…fully out on October 31. They sound like haunting little beauties we know and love of Mazzy Star, as seen with their romantic dance floor love ballad below.

Mazzy Star- Fade Into You

Ting Tings: Hang It Up

I missed you guys…!!!

UK’s Ting Tings smashed, yes smashed their debut in 2008 with “We Started Nothing” overstuffed with extra fun pop energetic butterflies. Their return is so exciting!! The new track is “Hang It Up” and the video is just as fun as the duo. I love Katie White. She’s pretty, fun, and is always jumping around in her videos and at her shows, magnetically making everyone around her jump right along…I still listen to “Be the One” nostalgically and think of my early 20′s or mid 20′s, whatever..same thing.

Welcome back Ting Tings <3.

New Artist: Francis Neve


Francis Neve is London based Writer/Producer from Essex.

All of the band’s videos and photos are shot from friends and independent artists.  His promo photos and the one above are some of my favorites I’ve ever seen for a band. These were shot by their friend Hayley Graves. In a recent interview, Francis described Hayley Graves’ work as “awesome, raw, unspoiled, and instinctive.” I don’t know what I’m crushing on more, the photos, or the new track, “Dance Around the Fire.” This track, along with 3 others, will be out December 5th on FRR Records, a debut for the independent label as well. A new video to go along with the track is out now as well.

Francis currently is co-producing projects for artists including Pixie Geldoff and is also working with Florence & the Machine’s Chris Hayden.

Dance Around The Fire by Francis Neve

BBC London’s Sunday Night Sessions “I Won’t Make You Better” Live:

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