Something to Snuggle With:


My friend Mattias was kind enough to send this my way. Hello Sweden: you have done it again. Thank you for providing the dancefloor with the perfect social lubricant for our dancemoves. And thank you too for homage, witty lyrics, and clever
…each present in your newly released EP.

This nice little ditty features Swedish electro group the Teddybears, and their subsequent recent EP release features collaborations with Robyn, The Flaming Lips, the B-52’s, and Cee Lo Green amongst others. Inspiration is cited as
Kraftwerk, The Ramones, and Public Enemy. Hello dreamboat, we have arrived. Thank you for welcoming us aboard.

These guys have a bounty of work, but this new release is worthy of being separated from the pack. We hope you enjoy & invite it into your weekend, just as we plan to do. And who knows, we might even moonwalk while listening.

Teddybears – No More Michael Jackson