Aeroplane’s Tribute to DJ Mehdi

DJ Mehdi

“Hi all, I’m not good with words. But somehow since Tuesday I couldn’t think right and something needed to get out. Music being the only medium I know how to use, here it is. It’s called “Big Boys Don’t Cry.” Once again, my thoughts go out to all my friends who are going through hard times right now.” - Aeroplane

Aeroplane created “Big Boys Don’t Cry” in honor of DJ Mehdi who died tragically, on Tuesday at his Parisian home, at a party when the mezzanine gave way and collapsed. DJ Mehdi was an amazing producer and core member of the Ed Banger Collective. I got to see him live February 2010 on my birthday for the 7th Anniversary Ed Banger show  at Terminal 5 and he was incredible. His collaborations are many but most notably that with Busy P, Breakbot, Daft Punk, Aeroplane, Chromeo and more. Below is Aeroplane’s tribute to their friend and my/many’s favorite Mehdi track “Signatune” with the official video below.

Aeroplane – Big Boys Don’t Cry by Aeroplane (Official)