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GIRLS New Album

girls (band)

San Francisco indie rock eight-member band Girls is set to release their second album on September 13 on True Panther Sounds. I haven’t heard all of it yet but the few tracks I’ve heard confirmed my excitement, particularly that of front man’s, Christopher Owens’ vocals and signature sound.

Owens has noted in interviews that a heavy influence on his sound is largely due to the time he spent in a cult called Children of God, where they were forbidden to listen to music. He was only able to hear music from screened films the group was allowed to watch.

The album is called Father, Son, Holy Ghost…so look out for it in a few weeks and purchase on itunes, etc. Check out the first single, released in July called “Vomit” and the second recently released single is “Honey Bunny.”

“How Can I Say I Love You” below…

Album News: Radical Face

radical face

Radical Face is Ben Cooper, 24-year old Florida-native whose first album release was Ghost (March 2007 on Morr Music) followed by a six track EP Touch The Sky (November 2010).

The next release will be Roots, which will debut on October 4th.  According to Under The Radar, “over the next year, Radical Face plans to release three LPs.  The first of this Family Tree trilogy is titled Roots, followed by Branches, and then, Relatives.

To give you a taste of what’s to come, here’s the track “Welcome Home” from the 2007 album Ghost.

Radical Face – Welcome Home

New Artist: Zorch


Zorch is Sam and Zac, who sent us a little info about themselves via their tour van while driving through an epic storm in North Carolina yesterday.  Having played with bands including Dan Deacon, Baths, Hooray For Earth and lots, lots more, Zorch will be here in NYC this weekend, so be sure to check them out at  Death By Audio on Sunday and Pianos on Monday.

Side A – Cosmic Gloss by zorch

Who is Zorch?
Sam: Zorch is a rainbow of spazzy colors n spazzy drums, splashes of arpeggios and oceans of glitchy seizures. Delicate and harsh at the same time. Music made By Zac n I on keyboards, drums, analog gear n pedals with washed out mountains of vocals.
Zac: Zorch was also a UK synth band from the 70s that we didn’t know about before we started our band. Once we released some music 70s Zorch got in touch with us and said that they really liked our music. By the third of fourth email exchange we had made plans to make an epic united Zorch concept album.

What’s your favorite Zorch song / which do you love performing live and why?
S: That’s hard to say, I really have a fetish for our song “Ocean’s Dawn” which is yet to be released, but in terms of our released recorded material probably “Cosmic Gloss’. With our harsher, noisier stuff, probably “Mutwa”. That song is also yet to be released, but here’s a video of our performance of it when we opened for Tera Melos and Marnie Stern:

Who has inspired you on the road?
S: Bands we’ve played with on the road and LOVE ~~ Religious Girls, Chemical Clock, Caddywhompus, B L A C K I E, there are a ton more,
Z: Yeah, Religious Girls, Blastoids, B L A C K I E, Caddywhompus, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Rich Aucoin.. all those bands are doing things with live performance and diy touring that I find very inspiring.

You’re currently on the road – any fun stories / shenanigans you’d like to share?
S: Zac got his phone stolen, very unfun. On a lighter note, I got a sex change. On a truthful note, we played a show with Caddywhompus, Twin Killers and Sun Hotel in New Orleans, all of whom I love dearly and we all got on stage and performed “Kiss From A Rose” by Seal. It was beautiful.
Z: We finally played Murfreesboro, TN last night. We had heard rumor all across the country about how we had to play this mythical town. The house/venue, Trash Mountain, was everything it was hyped to be. Many shenanigans and good times in that town.

What color would best describe your band’s aura/vibe?
Z: psychedelic power dolphin

Who do you see in the industry as really doing something different and exciting?
S: Zs. Gang Gang Dance. B L A C K I E
Z: Tyondai Braxton, Liturgy, Aa, Prince Rama oh! I just started getting into to Skeleton$ and Netherfriends after both were recommended multiple times and have been rocking those two a bit.

What one song must everyone download RIGHT NOW?
S: White Denim’s “Tony Fatti” or Liturgy’s “High Gold”
Z: Netherfriends “Really”

What is the most shameful song on your iPod?
S: I recently just went through my iPod with a fine tooth comb, so if it was truly shameful, it’s now probably a goner. Just downloaded the Xanadu soundtrack with ELO and Olivia Newton John, is that shameful?
Z: I was actually just thinking about how I wanted Gary Wright – Dreamweaver on my ipod. But I have no shame in that, cause it rules.

New Artist: Masquer

Masquer FTBP


Masquer is new Swedish synth-pop duo Kicki Halmos & Pelle Lundqvist, and I fell hard when I heard their new single release Happiness for the first time.  Bruises hard.  Think dark mystic guitars + that feeling you got in 2001 when you were still wearing boot cut jeans but heard The Knife for the first time + sultry beats that make you want to dance.  Or become a goth.  Or both.

In further description, I could also throw in there that front chick Kicki has publicly stated that she thinks children are creepy, but for today we’ll nevermind that.

The duo is planning a major tour with the release of their debut album in September, though they’ve guised that dates & locations are top secret.  So until September, we’ll just have to wait.  In the meantime you can cyber stalk them in all their cyber forms and find a free download of their new single here.

Cannot wait to hear this album in its entirety.

Masquer – Happiness

Happiness from Masquer on Vimeo.

Julian Plenti is…

julian plenti

I was watching the movie Twelve the other day, and while it wasn’t that awesome, the soundtrack and this song by Julian Plenti was definitely the highlight of the film.

Julian Plenti is the solo project of Interpol frontman Paul Banks, and Julian Plenti Is… Skyscraper is the first (and only album thus far), released in 2009 – a ways back.  The album was described as “an ambitious attempt to give Banks his individuality back…Interpol may take most of the plaudits in his career but it’s Julian Plenti who reveals the true Paul Banks.”

No plans for more from Julian Plenti just yet.  However, Banks might have more solo projects (and new monikers) in the works, and is rumored to have more material “like Julian Plenti” to release in 2012.

Julian Plenti – Only If You Run

Le Miel du Mois: Aout 2011


The monthly mixtape on Et Musique Pour Tous is out for August, featuring Beirut, Chrome Sparks, Air France, Neon Indian, Errors, Wise Blood, and more.

Errors and On-the-Go tracks below for a preview…and for the full tape: Stream or Download as one file for free- click here.)

On-The-Go – In The Wind

Errors – Supertribe

New Artist: Adrienne Drake

Adrienne Drake - Dullabies

We just got a new track from brooklyn-based producer Adrienne Drake, only previously known to the internet via a few remixes posted on a now bare MySpace.  “A Light From The Middle Of Nowhere” is the first listen from the act’s debut LP Dullabies, for which release plans are not yet set.  The email accompanying this track simplified Adrienne Drake’s creative process: “uses samples and mouth sounds to produce trip hop”.  Looking forward to the rest of the record!

Adrienne Drake – A Light From The Middle Of Nowhere



Donora is a Pennsylvania based indie-pop band, its also a small town in PA. They’ve been around since 2005 but I just started listening to them. Their songs are catchy pop cant-get-out-of-your-head even if you want to fun songs.

My favorite is a song called “I Think I Like You.” I wanted to share the hula hoop video below because its a skill I wish I had and its a nice visual to watch to this tune.

Donora – I Think I Like You

Things we like…


A new social music site that is currently in Beta-format, allows users (invite-only right now, but you can score an invitation if any of your Facebook friends has an account) to become virtual DJs, share music in themed rooms (my room of choice right now is “Indie While You Work”) and vote on your favorite DJs and songs.  So how does it all work?  Here’s a blurb I pulled from

It’s a browser-based chatroom that streams music based on the choices of a rotating cast of DJs drawn from whoever is in the room. There are up to five DJs at any one time who create playlists; the station cycles through the playlists one song at a time, moving from one DJ’s pick to the next, as the room votes on how “lame” to “awesome” the track is. A (sometimes fast-moving) discussion takes place in a chatroom on the bottom right of the screen. DJs get points for picking popular songs and if enough people think a song is lame, it skips to the next. You can upload songs or search through the Medianet-powered library to create your playlist when it’s your turn to DJ.  The app is also, presumably, making money by helping people discover new music socially. Mouse over a song you like and click “add to iTunes” to buy it.

So if you’re up for the challenge, head over to, create a playlist and make sure it’s kick ass so you don’t get voted off the virtual turntables.  Here’s a track from Discovery that keeps popping up in “Indie While You Work”…

Discovery – Osaka Loop Line

Thunderheist: Jerk It


jerk it. jerk it. dust it off and work it.

Canada’s Thunderheist (electro/powerpop/thrash) may have recently retired and moved on to solo projects but before we say adieu, lets remember this fine 2009 moment…raunchy yet awesome.

- MG + SL

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