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Le Crayon Remix

le crayon

This song has been remixed a couple of times, but this is one of my faves by Le Crayon, a new and mysterious producer.  There are no pics and no info on him (or her?) yet.  All we know is that he’s on Yeah!/Dish Records, is young, Parisian and loves disco.  And we love this track.  For more, here’s the SoundCloud page for Le Crayon.

Priors – What You Need (Le Crayon Sidechain Edit) by Le Crayon

New Artist: Benjamin Francis Leftwich


I’ve been meaning to post this UK artist for awhile. I think I have  written 2 or 3 drafts in the past but never finished them – crazy! BlahblahblahScience, an awesome blog you should listen to every day if you don’t already, premiered the new single last night from BFL’s upcoming album, out this weekend, called “1904.”

His music is just beautiful. It makes me want to have a nap in a field somewhere where the breeze is perfect temperature and there are no bugs just grass.

His new album is out July 4th. You can pre-order on itunes now. It’s called “Last Smoke Before the Snowstorm”

You can also win Benjamin to come play at your house- only if you are in the UK but maybe he will pick you if you’re in the U.S. and just come on over for the party: enter!

Older track “Atlas Hands” below and play the video for the new track “1904,” performed live.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Atlas Hands

New Album: Apparat


The note on the SoundCloud page for this track says, “Taken from the forthcoming album The Devil’s Walk” — I cannot wait to hear this album.

Apparat is Berlin-based artist Sascha Ring, who is also part of the electronic group ModeratThe Devil’s Walk will be his fourth album for Apparat, out September 27th on Mute.  As an electronic artist who has said that he is “more interested in designing sounds than beats,” Ring carefully crafts sounds that translate from the intimacy of the studio to the crowds around a stage.  This particular track is sensory and hopeful.

Apparat – Black Water

New Artist: Minikon


“Happiness can bring people hope, but sometimes people don’t even have happiness: that’s where Minikon comes in. Minikon is an electro-pop celebration of love, brought to you by Florida-based melodyphile Denty One. Starting with his debut at the turn of the millenium, Minikon has refined with each release a chimerical brew of 8-bit and new wave sounds with pop and shoegaze sensibilities.”

I really liked that description when I read it so I thought I would post that instead of  describing Minikon’s sound myself. I liked Minikon instantly. And I liked his new track, “Nightfall on Family Mountain” pretty much 5 seconds in. I was going through my emails of new artists and this made me perk up right away. Its soothing and fun and different. I could play this over and over….and you should too.

Nightfall on Family Mountain by Minikon



It just so happens that in the last year I have made 3 fine new friends from Devon. I’ve heard their stories, about the melancholy nature of the beaches and hills, which I’ve noticed can be reflected in the calm coolness of each native’s persona & vibe. I also recently learned that affectionate name ‘The English Riviera’ had been tagged to this southwestern region of England. And then I learned that this was also the name of Metronomy’s new album. I gave it a listen, & the album blew my mind. Let me just say this: good people come from Devon. And so does good music.

It’s downright clever for an electronic group to name themselves after a word-play on a mechanical device that produces such a predictable & methodical pulse that represents an antithesis of deviation (metronome). Particularly when the group has proven to be so experimental with their layering of beats. And they’re interesting.
If you’ve ever read an interview with foreman Mount, you realize that he makes fun of himself, is a real dude, and doesn’t take anything too seriously. Well except for maybe his music.

This is one of only a handful of groups that produces music in this genre that is performed entirely live. The group set out making this a goal of theirs, and they’ve achieved it. They use no backing tracks. Which I find absolutely impressive because it is setting a precedent; one that shames widespread criticism of live electronic concerts being phony.

Tour schedules for the upcoming months include France, Spain, Switzerland,
Germany, & the UK. So if you’re interested in truly experiencing The English
Riviera, pop over to England, where you too can have a dose of Devon. And likely make a friend or two.

Metronomy – The Look

Metronomy – The Bay from David Wilson Creative on Vimeo.

New Artist – Little Deadman


San Diego’s Little Deadman is a four-man pop/folk act comprised of Spencer Rabin, Anthony Levas, Brian Dall and Tyson Wirtzfeld, and self-described as “alternately breezy California cool and caustic proto-punk, drawing influence in equal measure from the folk structure of Bob Dylan, the pop sensibility and moodiness of New Order, and 60′s soul music.”  You can check out their new EP Shooting Seagulls (and title track below) as well as get your hands on a 7″ from Single Screen Records.  A full-length is expected early next year.

Little Deadman – Shooting Seagulls

New Artist: KIDCITY


I really wanted to title this post “New f**ng awesome artist” but I refrained because I don’t curse like that. Anyways: KIDCITY.  KIDCITY are from Toronto. I knew I liked this track about 10 seconds into it and the crush kept growing and growing from there.

KIDCITY is Kelly Ann and Caleb, both 21, and both from Toronto. They call their talent “clip-hop electronic pop” – mmm, dark pop songs. love. Check out their self-titled EP, with the latest released track “Blackened,” below.

KIDCITY is another artist off of Banter Media & Management, whose growing roster are featured on forthebeat (by accident sometimes) most every week, we pretty much agree with everyone they love/decide to take on their list.

KIDCITY – Blackened

New Music – Total Babes


I f-ing love this band name.  And I f-ing love this album cover art.

Total Babes, a side project for some members of Cloud Nothings and a main gig for others, is Chris Brown, Gary Spolarich and Cloud Nothings’ members Jayson Gerycz and Joe Boyer.  The Ohio-based band, part of the Adventure Management music collective, is releasing their debut album Swimming Through Sunlight on August 30, 2011 on Old Flame Records and Continental Mind.  Like what you hear?  Check out their lo-fi sounds (if you like Cloud Nothings, you’ll like this upbeat, jangling, bop to the music sound) when they come to New York on the following dates:

6/19 @ Pianos
6/20 @ Death By Audio
6/23 @ Public Assembly

Total Babes – Like They Always Do

New Music – Coma Cinema

coma cinema

Dear Coma Cinema, thank you for releasing new music this month, we love you. If you haven’t heard Coma Cinema yet, go back, back far in time, to last year and the year before to listen to earlier tracks i.e. “Flower Pills,” “In Lieu Of” “Her Vore,” “She’s A Dentist,” “Black Birthday Cake” and all of the other ones he has ever wrote.

Baby Prayers, Stoned Alone and Blue Suicide are previous album releases and are filled with some of my favorite tracks of 2009 and 2010. And now, there’s Abandoned Lands. And its pretty perfect.

Coma Cinema is Mat Cothran from South Carolina.

Coma Cinema – Roadside Memorial

Coma Cinema- Daffodils

Coma Cinema- Flower Pills

New Artist: Warm Weather


A new indie pop/rock band from California, Warm Weather, just released their EP this week.

You can download their new 5 track EP for free, here. Its some nice easy beats that fit the season before Christmas otherwise known as summer.

We wrote about one of the members of the band’s other projects, Shara, last year, which you can read and listen to here if you are curious, which you should be. Perfect for anything-but-the-office i.e. desert island soundtrack; prom; night drives/boat rides.

Warm Weather- I Only Know

Warm Weather- The Dance

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