NazcarNation Remix


Kathryn, My Love is a track off of the debut full length “Eternity Spin” from ambient-pop Texas based Pandit, (who has also collaborated with Star Slinger.)

NazcarNation recently did a remix of this track and it takes it to a whole new place, particularly towards the second half that feels like a spaceship ride at Disney Land that lands you in the giant foam pit. The video featuring the original is below as well..

Kathryn, My Love (NazcarNation ‘Desecration’)

What is a pandit? I’ll tell  you: A pandit is a scholar, a teacher, particularly one skilled in Sanskrit language. In the original usage of the word, “Pandit”, refers to a Hindu, almost always a Brahmin, who has memorized a substantial portion of the Vedas, along with the rhythms and melodies for chanting  verses or singing them during rituals.

Mystery solved.