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New Artist: Emilio Rojas

emilio rojas

With KC’s mellow post yesterday, I felt compelled to balance it out with the opposite, so I’m posting on one of my favorite new finds: Emilio Rojas . My friend recently sent me a new song by Emilio, called “Breaking Point” – which is off of a brand new, unreleased, untitled EP.

I went to the same University as Emilio so I’m even more pleased to be sharing this with you…the more I play it the more I love…

Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise

avett brothers

Ever since The Avett Brothers performed with Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons at the Grammys earlier this year (a magical and inspiring performance), their song “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” keeps popping into my head or keeps finding its way onto a speaker somewhere in my vicinity – the count was three times this past weekend, so I wanted to throw it up here.  Because I can’t escape it and I just love it, here you are…

The Avett Brothers – Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full Of Promise

Bob Dylan at Grammy Awards 2011
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NazcarNation Remix


Kathryn, My Love is a track off of the debut full length “Eternity Spin” from ambient-pop Texas based Pandit, (who has also collaborated with Star Slinger.)

NazcarNation recently did a remix of this track and it takes it to a whole new place, particularly towards the second half that feels like a spaceship ride at Disney Land that lands you in the giant foam pit. The video featuring the original is below as well..

Kathryn, My Love (NazcarNation ‘Desecration’)

What is a pandit? I’ll tell  you: A pandit is a scholar, a teacher, particularly one skilled in Sanskrit language. In the original usage of the word, “Pandit”, refers to a Hindu, almost always a Brahmin, who has memorized a substantial portion of the Vedas, along with the rhythms and melodies for chanting  verses or singing them during rituals.

Mystery solved.

Upcoming Album: Motorboater


While I don’t so much care for this artist’s name, I do like this song “Left Limb,” the first single off Motorboater‘s upcoming full-length debut Sport, out on The Record Machine in June.

You may or may not know already know Dan Eaton, a Kansas City, MO producer with a few kitschy remixes under his belt, e.g. re-workings of Carly Simon and Taylor Swift songs, as well as his own original material.  This particular track reminds me of a synthier / 80′s Tom Petty “Don’t Come Around Here No More,” even though that song is originally a synth-heavy 80′s song, but he puts a sunnier spin on it.

Eaton masters and cultivates a sensory sound by almost creating color and adding layers of flavor to each of his tracks, re-worked or original.

Motorboater – Left Limb

Cloudy Busey/Ice Cream Shout

ice cream shout

Ice Cream Shout is a pop band from Kansai, Japan. One of the members, known as Bob, released his own solo project last year under the name of Cloudy Busey. With only one track, he caught a ton of attention with “Pound Your Town to Hell” which for so many reason is incredible. You can download it for free on their BandCamp.

There isn’t much more known of Cloudy Busey other than the one track – no tour information nor any other news about future material to be released, which I hope changes.

As for Ice Cream Shout, they recently announced on their blog that one of their members Mika has moved to Thailand. While the band is still officially “on” – it is yet to be determined when their next material will be released/touring news/etc.

Fingers crossed that 2011 brings more from both Cloudy Busey as well as Ice Cream Shout. While there’s no new news, at least we can repeat their old tracks, over and over, for eternity. I just recently found Ice Cream Shout’s “Tattooed Tears,” below but also check out “Marianne.” Enjoy these new/old discoveries:

Cloudy Busey – Pound Your Town To Hell

Ice Cream Shout – Tattooed Tears

New Artist: Connan Mockasin


When I was studying opera during my undergrad, one of my professors asked me to define music.  Impossible, right?  It’s like asking what art is.  And posing such a question infallibly prompts an exploration of work like that of Phillip Glass or John Cage, and ends with the conclusion that music is – like art – both ubiquitous & imperative for survival.  That’s my definition anyway.

We listen to music for a whole slew of reasons.  There is a Schumann quote that names music as that which allows us to converse with what lies beyond.  It can boost the perfect spring day, it can define the vibe of a reckless party, it can encapsulate the break down of an entire relationship, it can recount a loungy mid-day bbq with friends, it can heal us when we are in need.

I go on about all of this because it is special when music really & truly has the ability to successfully transcend us to another world & perfectly capture the essence of a moment in time.  And Connan Mockasin’s music does just that.  It’s intelligible – an undertone of Beatles psychadelia, an inference of Bowie, a touch of folk, a hint of jazz, a dab of art-pop.  Lyrics are treated in a similar light to Stereo Total.  It’s witty.  Provocatively childish.  And his hair reminds me of Warhol’s. Which really does it for me.  A journey worth exploring on your own, we’re going to serve you up one of his incredible songs & a beautiful video.  Just see for yourself where they take you.  For me, that too is hard to define.

Connan Mockasin –Its Choade My Dear

Forever Dolphin Love – Connan Mockasin from daniel brereton on Vimeo.

New Album: Miracle Fortress

miracle fortress

Fronted by Montreal producer Graham Van Pelt, Miracle Fortress released their sophomore the other day, entitled Was I The Wave? (out in Canada at the end of last month and in the US this week on Secret City). Currently on a Spring tour promoting the release, they’ll be supporting Junior Boys at Webster Hall on June 14th.

A blurb about the record: “Taken as a product of his occasionally hermitic temperament, many of [the] tracks here express themes of alienation, anonymity, or the desire for the assurances of intimacy… but existing fans won’t find it too difficult to hear Van Pelt’s signature habit-forming hooks swimming among the big synths, and deep beats.”

Miracle Fortress – Miscalculations

Erol Sabadosh

Erol Sabadosh

Usually when I find a new song or artist, I think to myself, I’m really glad I found this. Well in this case, I’m really glad Erol Sabadosh found me/forthebeat and sent me this remix.

Erol Sabadosh is a DJ from London. He’s played with La Roux, Bloc Party, The xx, MGMT and more and next up is London’s Lovebox Festival with the incredible 2 Many DJs and Fred Falke, Flying Lotus, Metronomy, Washed Out, Hudson Mohawke and more.

His remix of one of my favorite tracks off of the Strokes latest album Angles titled, “Call Me Back,” is one of the best remixes I’ve heard of any of their  tracks, past and present.

The Strokes – Call Me Back (Erol Sabadosh Remix)

Walter Sobcek- New Remix

walter sobcek

I fell in love with this Parisian wonder Walter Sobcek a few years back  when I first heard “Traci’s Party.” WS  just released some new material which includes a remix of Keren Ann’s “My Name is Trouble.” We had the pleasure of asking Walter Sobcek a few questions, here’s what he had to say:

- Is the new song part of your next EP?

The new song is a remix of Keren Ann, a french singer-songwriter we really love. Her album is now released in the U.S. We are currently finalizing our our new EP featuring two new tracks and three remixes. It’s called “Miami” and will be out in the early summer.

- Where can U.S. fans buy “Traci’s Party” and your other remixes?

For the moment, they are all available for listening on our Soundcloud.

- Who is Walter Sobcek and where are you based?

Walter Sobcek is a duo and we share our time between Paris, Berlin and Miami.

- Are you still in love with ‘Chelsea’ (from Walter Sobcek’s original bio)?

We are just starting to tell Walter’s story. The EP “Miami” will be the beginning of his adventures.

- What’s next?

We will be recording our follow-up mini album which should be set for release towards the end of the year. We’ll also be doing some DJ sets around France and later, the U.S.

Keren Ann – My Name Is Trouble (Walter Sobcek Remix) by Walter Sobcek

New Artist: Tiny Victories

tiny victories

Tiny Victories is a production duo comprised of Greg Walters (Vocals, Samplers, Live Electronics) and Cason Kelly (Drums, Vocals, Samplers).  I’m going to stream together all of the “tags” from their Bandcamp page to tell you who they are, why they make music and what kind of music they make — “for the love [of] chillwave dreampop electronic experimental pop [and] Brooklyn.”  That’s not a quote, it’s literally just the tags from a post about their 7″ Mr. Bones with a few extra words added in – that worked out well and is thoroughly informative.  Go check out that page HERE, where you can download the digital version of the 7″ for FREE, featuring the songs “Mr. Bones” and “Lost Weekend.”  They remind me a lot of LCD Soundsystem (whaaa) – deep James Murphy vocals, so sure of themselves, layered over a track you just can’t help but shake to.  If you want to see for yourself, Tiny Victories is playing with Penguin Prison at 285 Kent in Brooklyn on June 16th.

Tiny Victories – Mr. Bones

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