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From Sweden, With Love

Niki & The Dove FTBP

If you asked me – this very moment – to enter a contest to see who could design the best billboard in 15 seconds, I would totally do it.  And on that billboard, in black and white, I would write ‘I have seen the future, and it is Sweden.’  Because I’d want to win, and judges like people who tell the truth.  I’d also probably draw a spaceship.

Sweden is producing some epic new material – trust me, it’s next level.  And it makes me so excited I’ve decided to cheat & post 2 Swedish bands today instead of just 1: double your pleasure, double your fun.

The Amplifetes – the quartet recently was featured in a promo for Roberto Cavalli.  They publically stated that the proceeds acquired from the promo went towards ‘the purchase of more lasers’ (døi, what else do you do with money).

The Amplifetes – Somebody New

Niki and the Dove – the duo got their name from lead singer, Malin, literally hiding a dove up her sleeve every single night for about 3 months (note to self: awesome pet idea slash party trick).

Niki and the Dove – Mother Protect

In closing I recommend you utilize your googlemetrics to discover the vast array of tunage & videometry that each group has put out into the cyberspace (the depth of The Amplifetes’ album is particularly impressive).

Crank it up while Sweden churns it out.  Adoration manifestation.

Freedom or Death

freedom or death

How have we not posted this yet?!

Freedom or Death have been on our radar for a while now, since we were first introduced to their debut, self-titled EP last summer.  Now, anticipating their soon-to-be-shared-with-the-world album Ego, we’re ready to spread the word.  Self-releasing 7 tracks on their label Liars & Thieves (and distributed through Arts & Crafts), the new album is a progression and extension of their original material.  And this album has a whole story to tell.

Why Ego?  “Cause we all have one and have to deal with our and other people’s egos every day….its been a compelling subject point to write songs about.”  The album journeys from carefree daydreams to late nights when you lie in bed for hours, thoughts racing thru your head and your emotions getting the best of you.  And the sounds range from 80s synth to orchestral pop to almost acoustic ballads.

Now, are you ready to fall in love?  I mean really fall hard?  Sway (vocals) and Fernandez (keys) will reel you in with their melodies and rich, textured vocals, especially on my favorite track “This Crowded Room”…

Freedom or Death – This Crowded Room

Freedom or Death will celebrate their album release in Toronto at the end of April and in Montreal in May.  No dates set as of yet for NYC.  While this video is a little promotional, it definitely got me excited to see this band live.  Maybe it’ll do the same for you…

Freedom or Death “Ego” Teaser from Hugh Suh on Vimeo.



I first saw MNDR at Mercury Lounge last year and had mixed feelings. She’s energetic and entertaining live, but for some reason I wasn’t totally convinced. My thoughts have tilted the other way with some of her recent material. And how can you really deny those glasses and that hair cut? Check out “I Go Away” and a remix of the song below. She also just released a video for the track in the beginning of April…

tick tock, time just slips away. ill go my own way.

MNDR – I Go Away

MNDR – I Go Away (The Oos & Ahhs Dubstep Remix)

She’ll be playing Camden Crawl in London April 30th with Simian Mobile Disco, Hudson Mohawke, Star Slinger and others.

New Band: Spirit People

Spirit People

An album for a lazy afternoon, Dragoons is the “first collection of exultant hymns and saturnine carols” by New York-based Spirit People.  The 9 new tracks from the new band debuted this week and you can stream / purchase it on their Bandcamp page HERE.

The trio of Brian, Carlos and Henry have been writing songs together for over a year, and began recording this album back in September.  After six dreary, winter months, the result – “a collection of guitars tuned incorrectly, over-explored drum sets, sweaty pianos, swaying electronics, and phantasmal singing” – is ready to be heard, they say.

Stand out tracks: “Quiet Rooms,” “Sammy” and “Lil’ Dawgs.”

Spirit People have three shows coming up in the next month, including their album release party, so be on the look out.

Spirit People – Quiet Rooms

Mayer Hawthorne


You know the ills of the world, they can get you down.

But then you get back up

(followed by hand stands/high kicks/twirling batons/microphone hair brushes/air drum-stomps).

When I was searching for this song to post, I found that Et Musique Pour Tous wrote this post last summer and I love what he has to say about the song so I’m going to share it here:

To put it simply, this song is about the inevitable ups and downs of life and the process of getting though them. Those of you who read this blog regularly probably know that my favorite word is perspective. Having the ability to momentarily disconnect yourself from a trouble or even a success to see the moment for what it is – passing, is a great skill to practice. Next time you get mad or sad about something just think about the fact that it won’t last. Think about your past hardships, where are those now? The laws of the universe say that the pendulum will always swing back the other way. You can’t stop equilibrium but you can have the understanding that it exists and thus the perspective to rise about letting it rock you at will, that is the way to balance, enjoy.

Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills



Austra FTBP

Maybe it’s Katie Stelmanis’ pink ombre hair.  Or maybe it is because I’ve come to learn that both she and I mutually share a love for grandma sweaters.  Maybe it’s the fact that “Beat and The Pulse” righteously pulsed runways during fashion week and left shivers on my skin.  Maybe Tavi Gevinson has finally gotten to me and my inner adolescent goth is trying to explode.  Or maybe it is the fact that this tune makes me have sporadic self-involved dance parties in the middle of the day at my desk (insert imagination here).  I guess I’m not sure why.  But at the moment, I am sure of one thing: I am seriously crushing on Austra.

They’ve been described as netherworldy electronic pop.  The band is from Canada.  Influences include Nine Inch Nails, Bjork, The Knife, & classical music.  And Austra means ‘light’ in Latvian.  Crushing harder.

Then, when you think you have crushed with all your might, watch the winged lady and the woman with web hands in the video below.

I recommend cranking up your volumetrics and listening to them loud.  This little lit band may crush you too like a giant sun orb.

Austra – The Beat and The Pulse

Austra – Lose It – by the Pop Sucker

Austra The Beat & The Pulse from The Glitoris on Vimeo.

New Band: Bear’s Den

Andrew Davie

Andrew Davie, formerly of Cherbourg, has a new project called Bear’s Den, which I happened upon at SXSW waiting to see The Naked & Famous.  The showcase was running a little late, and man, was I happy about that, as I was able to catch an entire set from this Davie-fronted, UK-based band.

When I returned home, I scoured the blogs looking for info, and could barely find anything.  I ended up e-mailing Sheena over at The Ruckus for more info on Davie, how he had been doing the solo thing for a while and what Bear’s Den was all about…

If you didn’t already know, Andrew Davie used to front Cherbourg, which also included Kev Jones on Bass and Chris Mass on Drums, but had Phil Rena on Fiddle rather than Jack Standen on Keys. The sound was quite different, but if you like Bear’s Den, I would advise tracking down the two EPs they released.

No more info quite yet on more music from Bear’s Den or plans to visit the U.S., but they will be supporting Marcus Foster across the pond this month, and you can keep up with Communion Music on Facebook HERE for more info in the coming weeks / months.

Here’s the demo “Fickle Love” from Bear’s Den…

Bear’s Den – Fickle Love (demo) by communionmusic

Le Miel du Mois Avril 2011


Le Miel du Mois is a monthly streamable/downloadable (as one-long track) mixtape I create for Et Musique Pour Tous.

The full track list is below and download for free here. Happy April!

Raleigh Moncrief – Lament for Morning
Baths – Aminals
Ellie Goulding  -  Lights (Shook Remix)
Dark Colour – Don’t Let It Stop
Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Star Slinger Remix)
Metronomy- A Thing for Me (Breakbot remix)
Grandchildren- Cold Warrior
White Hinterland- Icarus
Elden Calder- Where You Go
The Heavenly States  -  Model Son
Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills
Cults  -  You Know What I Mean
Holy Other – We Over (Physical Therapy Extended Remix)
Maxence Cyrin – Where Is My Mind (Pixies Cover)
Isbells  -  Reunite
Conner Youngblood- A Summer Song
Lawrence Arabia – Look Like A Fool

*photo credit: wmw

New Artist- Raleigh Moncrief


Raleigh Moncrief is an electronic hip hop artist from Sacramento.

Download his music (name your price) here and make sure to check out all of it, not just the additively creatively inspiringly rush titled “Lament for Morning,” below.

Raleigh Moncrief – Lament for Morning

Want further insight into the mind behind the beautiful madness? Check out his blog here.

There’s also a great mix RM recently did with artists including Pregnant, Matthew Tucker and Ken Seeno.

New Artist: Dark Colour


It’s amazing that at such a young age someone can have such purpose and drive.  And for bedroom studio mastermind Randall Rigdon, who is now only 20 years old but has been writing, recording and playing for years, his solo project Dark Colour is just getting started.  Showcasing a 10-track dance album for his debut Memories (out February 2011 and available on iTunes here), the solo, Cincinnati-based electronic / pop act just released the track “Don’t Let It Stop” along with a corresponding video.

His music is self-described as featuring “warming synths, compelling vocals, hard-hitting beats, and an overwhelming sense of chaos…an uncontrollable pandemonium that’s reminiscent of 70s disco and 80s synthrock.”  And that chaos he hopes to translate into a live show is done so thru the support of a full backing band, as Rigdon is accompanied by Peter Muller (Guitar) Rico Reyes (Bass) and Josh Alsip (Drums) when performing live.

Take a listen and look below – “Don’t Let It Stop” will definitely make it onto my “Spring getting ready for Summer rooftops dance party” playlist.

Dark Colour – Don’t Let It Stop

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