New from Tom Vek


It’s been 5 years since Tom Vek debuted his first album We Have Sound.  Now, he’s finally preparing to release his follow up Leisure Seizure on Downtown / Island Records on June 7th.

Having shied away from the spotlight following the release of We Have Sound, Vek’s public persona seemed to take on a life of it’s own, and now he’s acknowledging the many characters that have been put to his music in his place.  From a press release: the first single “A Chore” is accompanied by a concept video, which acknowledges the artist’s five-year absence. Having been out of the public eye for so long, Vek takes the role of presenter of T.V. Island, a self-imagined [show where guests] are asked to imagine themselves stranded on a metaphorical island for an hour…characteristically wry, sarcastic and mischievous, the song and video are a fitting analogy – five years [later], the perfect desert island isn’t the place one first imagined.

Here’s “A Chore” and corresponding video as well as an old favorite…

Tom Vek – A Chore by fadedglamourblog

Tom Vek – Nothing But Green Lights