New Artist: Dark Colour


It’s amazing that at such a young age someone can have such purpose and drive.  And for bedroom studio mastermind Randall Rigdon, who is now only 20 years old but has been writing, recording and playing for years, his solo project Dark Colour is just getting started.  Showcasing a 10-track dance album for his debut Memories (out February 2011 and available on iTunes here), the solo, Cincinnati-based electronic / pop act just released the track “Don’t Let It Stop” along with a corresponding video.

His music is self-described as featuring “warming synths, compelling vocals, hard-hitting beats, and an overwhelming sense of chaos…an uncontrollable pandemonium that’s reminiscent of 70s disco and 80s synthrock.”  And that chaos he hopes to translate into a live show is done so thru the support of a full backing band, as Rigdon is accompanied by Peter Muller (Guitar) Rico Reyes (Bass) and Josh Alsip (Drums) when performing live.

Take a listen and look below – “Don’t Let It Stop” will definitely make it onto my “Spring getting ready for Summer rooftops dance party” playlist.

Dark Colour – Don’t Let It Stop