Mayer Hawthorne


You know the ills of the world, they can get you down.

But then you get back up

(followed by hand stands/high kicks/twirling batons/microphone hair brushes/air drum-stomps).

When I was searching for this song to post, I found that Et Musique Pour Tous wrote this post last summer and I love what he has to say about the song so I’m going to share it here:

To put it simply, this song is about the inevitable ups and downs of life and the process of getting though them. Those of you who read this blog regularly probably know that my favorite word is perspective. Having the ability to momentarily disconnect yourself from a trouble or even a success to see the moment for what it is – passing, is a great skill to practice. Next time you get mad or sad about something just think about the fact that it won’t last. Think about your past hardships, where are those now? The laws of the universe say that the pendulum will always swing back the other way. You can’t stop equilibrium but you can have the understanding that it exists and thus the perspective to rise about letting it rock you at will, that is the way to balance, enjoy.

Mayer Hawthorne – The Ills