From Sweden, With Love

Niki & The Dove FTBP

If you asked me – this very moment – to enter a contest to see who could design the best billboard in 15 seconds, I would totally do it.  And on that billboard, in black and white, I would write ‘I have seen the future, and it is Sweden.’  Because I’d want to win, and judges like people who tell the truth.  I’d also probably draw a spaceship.

Sweden is producing some epic new material – trust me, it’s next level.  And it makes me so excited I’ve decided to cheat & post 2 Swedish bands today instead of just 1: double your pleasure, double your fun.

The Amplifetes – the quartet recently was featured in a promo for Roberto Cavalli.  They publically stated that the proceeds acquired from the promo went towards ‘the purchase of more lasers’ (døi, what else do you do with money).

The Amplifetes – Somebody New

Niki and the Dove – the duo got their name from lead singer, Malin, literally hiding a dove up her sleeve every single night for about 3 months (note to self: awesome pet idea slash party trick).

Niki and the Dove – Mother Protect

In closing I recommend you utilize your googlemetrics to discover the vast array of tunage & videometry that each group has put out into the cyberspace (the depth of The Amplifetes’ album is particularly impressive).

Crank it up while Sweden churns it out.  Adoration manifestation.