Freedom or Death

freedom or death

How have we not posted this yet?!

Freedom or Death have been on our radar for a while now, since we were first introduced to their debut, self-titled EP last summer.  Now, anticipating their soon-to-be-shared-with-the-world album Ego, we’re ready to spread the word.  Self-releasing 7 tracks on their label Liars & Thieves (and distributed through Arts & Crafts), the new album is a progression and extension of their original material.  And this album has a whole story to tell.

Why Ego?  “Cause we all have one and have to deal with our and other people’s egos every day….its been a compelling subject point to write songs about.”  The album journeys from carefree daydreams to late nights when you lie in bed for hours, thoughts racing thru your head and your emotions getting the best of you.  And the sounds range from 80s synth to orchestral pop to almost acoustic ballads.

Now, are you ready to fall in love?  I mean really fall hard?  Sway (vocals) and Fernandez (keys) will reel you in with their melodies and rich, textured vocals, especially on my favorite track “This Crowded Room”…

Freedom or Death – This Crowded Room

Freedom or Death will celebrate their album release in Toronto at the end of April and in Montreal in May.  No dates set as of yet for NYC.  While this video is a little promotional, it definitely got me excited to see this band live.  Maybe it’ll do the same for you…

Freedom or Death “Ego” Teaser from Hugh Suh on Vimeo.