Interview with High Highs

high highs
Australia’s High Highs played a beautiful set last night at Mercury Lounge, opening for UK’s Summer Camp. That really is the best word to describe them, their sound is just so pretty and dreamy. Like a dream on a beach.

I asked them some questions after their set and here’s what all three of them had to say (Lead Vocals- Guitarist , Jack Milas, Drummer Zachary Lipkins and Keyboards, Oli Chang)

What’s the first track  you played tonight called?
“Once around the House”

What’s “Open Season” about?
Its a self reflective song. It’s hard to answer but its about open space…nothing to do with hunting though. (JM)

What’s your favorite venue in NY to play?
Tonight at Mercury Lounge was great. (JM) Webster Hall (OC).

Is this spring your first sxsw?

Your drummer looks like James Franco, does he get that a lot?
No, never but we’ll take it! (JM) Who is James Franco? (OC)

When is your 4 song EP coming out?
Within the next two months.

What’s your favorite song to play live?

Probably an untitled track from the album (JM + OC). Flowers Bloom (ZL)

What color best describes your aura/vibe?
Multicolored lights or pink+ light blue (JM). Very dark blood burgundy (OC).

High Highs – Phone Call

The band is offering a free download of  their new song “Horses” here.