Star Slinger /Hard Mix 7″


Star Slinger and Hard Mix announced a few months ago that they are doing a  7″ split. The time is almost upon us, with the official release date February 7th, but you can pre-order from the limited 300 copies now.

This is the third release from Double Denim Records, the first was Blackbird Blackbird and the second Seapony. Awesome track record, l it er a l l y.

Their next release will be Evenings, one of my new favorites of 2010. Listen to Evenings’ “Babe” below to get excited for DDR’s next release…and click the link to the Star Slinger track from the new 7″.

Evenings – Babe

Listen to “Remedy” by Star Slinger in anticipation of the 7″.
Pre- Order Here (Ships Feb.7)

Download Evenings ‘EP “North Dorm” from 2010 on their BandCamp (name your price but  name it nice).