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Here it is – our top twenty (one) favorite and most listened to songs of 2010.  Well 20 of our favorite songs and what WILL BE our favorite song of 2011.  It’s been an amazing, amazing year – our first full year as a blog and producing showcases of amazing up-and-coming talent in New York.  Thanks to everyone who has been a part of it and for all of the support.  Happy New Year!!  xx KC + SL

Kanye West – Blame Game
Dominant Legs – About My Girls
Arcade Fire – Suburban War
Gold Panda – You
Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill
Beach House – Norway
The Radio Dept – Heavens on Fire
Cults – Go Outside
The ABC Club – Thieving Magpie (YouTube)
Cloud Nothings – Can’t Stay Awake
Local Natives – Airplanes
Voxhaul Broadcast – Lost Along The Way
PS I Love You – 2012
Minks – Funeral Song (Vimeo)
Magic Man – Nest
Efterklang – Modern Drift
Mon Khmer – Passwords
Wise Blood – B.I.G. E.G.O.
Foals – After Glow
Frightened Rabbit – The Loneliness & The Scream

And our projected favorite for 2011….

New Favorite: Vadoinmessico


Vadoinmessico is a mash up of five guys from Italy, Mexico, Austria and England who all met in the UK and describe their sound as “Mediterranean alternative folk with a bit of psychedelic rock ” (according to an interview with Spinner).  They remind me a bit of a Fanfarlo or Freelance Whales with a bunch of people and a mix of traditional and more obscure instruments to create a unique, orchestral pop sound, incorporating things like a melodica, glockenspiel and banjo.  The unsigned band had a 5-song EP out earlier this year, but when you hit up their Bandcamp page now, all of those songs are listed with a January 2011 release date.  So hopefully, Vadoinmessico will be seeing a proper release and receiving more and well-deserved recognition.  Here’s my favorite track:

Vadoinmessico – In Spain

Remixes: Plastic Operator


This is just great – the original work, the remixes, the mash ups.  All of it.  Plastic Operator is a duo of electronic producers, comprised of Mathieu Gendreau & Pieter Van Dessel (also credited with vocals), debuting material in 2004 and their first official release in 2007.  This month, they released their latest in the form of an EP featuring remixes of the track “Singing All the Time.”  And everything is dance floor ready.  Below is the Wax Stag remix.  For the latest from Plastic Operator and to check out / download music, check out their website HERE.

Plastic Operator – Singing All The Time (Wax Stag Remix)

I Can Try to Like You – That Ghost

that ghost

Lo-fi and retro, That Ghost is California native and 20-year-old Ryan Schmale, who is putting out his 5th studio album Songs Out Here (March 1st).  You can pre-order it now from his label twosyllable records HERE. “To Like You” seems to be the first single.  It’s hazy and atmospheric, quiet and calm, but most importantly a declaration of emotion juxtaposed to sound saying I’m sad but I’m still going to sound sweet and you’re going to listen. Five albums from a 20-year-old is pretty prolific and impressive and I like the way his label describes him – “a folk alchemist.”

That Ghost – To Like You

New Artist: Orange Blossom Flyover

orange blossom2

Get ready. Get ready to listen to this a lot. Because that’s what I’ve been doing ever since I found it yesterday.

Massachusetts based Orange Blossom Flyover is Ryan Scally,  (others join him for his live shows), he just released his 4 song EP called “Fast Reverse” and is working on what seems to be a ton of more songs coming shortly…a new song every two weeks to be exact and we can’t wait to hear.

My favorite is So By Your Spells, listen below and to another, titled, Someone Like You.

Orange Blossom Flyover – So by Your Spells

Orange Blossom Flyover – Someone Like You

Download more from his BandCamp or SoundCloud.

New Band: Caveman


Caveman is a New York band comprised of Matthew Iwanusa, Jimmy Carbonetti, Stefan Marolachakis, Sam Hopkins and Jeff Berrall – a bunch of native New Yorkers and one kid from South Carolina.  I first heard of them / saw them at Mercury Lounge a few months back, playing with Monogold, The Tony Castles and Mon Khmer.  It was an amazing, amazing show, and also the night I first fell in love with Mon Khmer.  And fell in love with the other three bands too.  I was by myself for 4 hours listening to each of these acts, but didn’t care that I was alone and the time flew by.  We always say one of the best things about loving music and living in New York is stumbling on a great band when you’re not even looking, but it’s not often that you get FOUR back to back.

Caveman play Mercury Lounge on Wednesday, January 12th with TEEN (members of Here We Go Magic).

Caveman – Decide

Remix and New Video from Home Video

home video

Brooklyn duo Home Video released a new video recently, off of their latest album “The Automatic Process.”

I love this album and its a superb follow-up to their former, “No Certain Night or Morning.”

Favorite tracks off of “The Automatic Process” are most of them but I love and recommend you start with I Can Make You Feel It and The Smoke.

Check out their latest video for Every Love That Ever Was:

If you have ever seen them live you will have a greater understanding of this band’s presence and be able to revel in “their self-created world.” If not, you can start by buying their music here.

Home Video – The Automatic Process (Silver Swans Remix)

forthebeat Presents… THURSDAY Night


Come hang with us this THURSDAY, December 16th at Glasslands @ 7:30 PM with KeepawayHeadless Horseman, Slow Animal and The Young Maths

This is what this party will sound like:

Keepaway – 100
Headless Horseman – Sh8kr
Slow Animal – Sitting Here
The Young Maths – Body Bags

One more thing: the show is the LAST night you can donate to Keepaway to help them raise funds to record their full-length. Here’s a message from the band:

You may have heard we are raising money to record our full-length debut. It’s going great, but WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME! We started a Kickstarter page to help out. It’s really easy to throw in a donation, and you’ll get exclusive prizes for anything you give.
Thanks so much to all those who have already given. You mean the world to us, and we couldn’t be more thankful. Watch this video: we talk about the project.

Click here:

Truly yours,

Frank, Mike, and Nick

PS If you haven’t yet, you can download KOMPETITOR, our new collection of songs and video, here.

New Artist: Motopony


From TinyOgre Entertainment on their latest addition: Led by the creative force that is Daniel Blue (vox / guitar) and Josiah Sherman (vintage keys), Motopony is Chief Seattle’s revenge channeled through a hybrid engine drone. If you’re wondering what this sounds like, listen to “King of Diamonds” here. The four-piece band makes their NYC debut tonight at Pianos at 7PM.

Go check them out – we’re sure we’ll be hearing more on this new artist soon!

Motopony – King Of Diamonds

Le Miel du Mois: Decembre


Another month. Another mix. Le Miel du Mois: Decembre features The Generationals, Teen Daze, Stephen Farris, Chappo, Headless Horseman and more.

Favorite tracks: Candy Claws and Young Magic.

Download as one long 50 minute track for free, mixed by EMPT, or listen to the track separately, streaming here.

Support Candy Claws and buy their latest here and Young Magic here.

Young Magic “You With Air” by carparkrecords

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