New Artist: Quiet Lights

quiet lights

Quiet Lights formed in Brooklyn in 2009 through a shared love of finding beauty in layered sounds. They’re drawn to light and dark landscapes,  glass-bottle hazes, blurry sonic envelopes, and small batch bourbon.

Brooklyn’s Quiet Lights just put out their first digital 7″ on October 19th and the track Ablaze is one of my favorite tracks of the year.  The band describes the album as sounding “lovely, sad, and exuberant,” yes, particularly sad and lovely all at once…

The album will be out early next year, titled Look for the Big Fear. Download the single  (with the b-side Twice Today) on their Bandcamp. I also included it as part of one long downloadable track on this month’s mixtape.

I’m excited to see this band live. Listen to Ablaze. This song makes me want to blow O’s in the cold…

Quiet Lights – Ablaze