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New Teen Daze Release

teen daze

Teen Daze’s latest EP Beach Dreams,  came out yesterday. You can download it now from their BandCamp and pay what you want…nice.

The first track, “Let’s Fall Asleep Together” is a little more lo-fi pop than some of his previous work, as seen with “Driving Home from the Beach (the Feeling Of)” – one of my favorites but although this EP seems to be a step in a different path, we love it all the same.

Teen Daze is about to tour with MillionYoung where you can catch the latest EP live:

12.03 – Denton, TX – Hailey’s
12.04 – Austin, TX – The Mohawk
12.06 – Flagstaff, AZ – Hotel Monte Vista
12.07 – San Diego, CA – Casbah
12.08 – Los Angeles, CA – Spaceland
12.09 – San Francisco, CA – Rickshaw Stop
12.10 – Portland, OR – The Woods
12.11 – Seattle, WA – Comet Tavern
12.12 – Vancouver, BC – Railway Club

No NY dates for forthebeat, sadly but lucky for us, we caught MillionYoung and Teen Daze together at CMJ…

Teen Daze – Let’s Fall Asleep Together

See them live: Chappo


I caught these guys during CMJ at one of The Deli Mag showcases, and I really dug ‘em.  Chappo, a band which got its name from lead singer Alex Chappo, is a Brooklyn duo comprised of Alex on vocals and guitar and Chris Olson on vocals and keyboard.  Below is one of their catchier tunes “Come Home” – the sound of which doesn’t really do the sight of them justice.  You’ll just have to go and see for yourselves.  It’s very trippy — hint: FEATHERS.  But the sound is a lot more rock and less experimentation.

I REALLY liked these guys live; a lot of energy and a solid set.  However, listening to their EP Plastique Universe, released earlier this year, you miss out on a lot of what the live show has to offer, so catch them live if you can.

Meanwhile here’s a little background on the two from an interview with Spinner: “We started playing music together when we became roommates in [Manhattan's] East Village, in a building formerly lived in by Allen Ginsberg…We quickly discovered that we had a lot of the same interests in wild, rambunctious music, adventures and packing in as many people as possible in our ‘living room’ [actually the kitchen] for a dance party.”

Chappo – Come Home

New Artist: Stephen Farris

 stephen farris

 Stephen Farris is a new artist I came across when Teen Daze gave him a recent shout-out. I like his beats. I like his samples. I like his name.

A lot of synths samples and strange sounds coming from this 20 year old from Houston. Listen to his Soundcloud for a bunch of gems including his latest below “Alphabet”, and also check out “X=Y,” “String,” and “Indigo”…

Stephen Farris- Alphabet Soup

Gold Panda


Gold Panda’s new album Lucky Shiner is out now. Filled with beautifully composed samples met with textured, sophistication.

It’s just so good, and yes all of it. He has LP’s, EP’s, remixes, etc. from 2008 onward, including those of Little Boots, Bloc Party, Zero 7, Simian Mobile Disco, and one of my favorite remixes ever: Gold Panda’s remix of Telepathe’s Chromes On It.

Gold Panda is the exact soundtrack I would pick to complement my life, if I could go through every day with his tracks on rotate blasting out from the clouds, that would be perfect.

Next up: Two shows in France, in Lille on December 10th and Paris on the 11th.

Gold Panda – Before We Talked

Gold Panda Remix – Telepathe: Chrome’s On It

Stream and buy his new full length Lucky Shiner here on his website. Favorites of Lucky Shiner include Vanilla Minus, Marriage, Snow & Taxis, Before We Talked, Marriage, ok fine, all of it…



Keepaway has a new EP called KOMPETITOR that you can download for FREE HERE on their Band Camp page.  Although, the guys say “it’s not really an EP, it’s got videos in it” – even better.

Between their first EP Baby Style and an upcoming full-length, KOMPETITOR is out on Lefse Records and features new material to hold us over for a few months.  New songs include “100” (which you’ll probably recognize), “Sideways Smile,” “Hologram,” and “Zoo Too” featuring some of my faves, Das Racist, as well as remixes of “100” by Sunglasses and DJ Seashell – say that three times fast, or just call him by his real name Keegan McHargue.

The guys also say that on prepping for their new record, they are working on something “that the sounds on KOMPETITOR only hint at.”  Take a listen…

Keepaway – Sideways Smile

Dance, Dance, Dance –> Staygold + Dada Life


Everyone needs more dance in their life. Especially on a Monday. So here’s one of the latest from Dada Life, an electro/dance duo from Sweden, who have remixed another awesome electro/dance duo from Sweden, Staygold.

This *new remix (newly released, but mastered initially over a year ago) reminds me why I love electro beats. And while recently my favorites have been leaning towards indie and lo-fi, my heart will always belong to electro…

Staygold – Video Kick Snare (Dada Life Remix)

Another one: “Backseat” from Staygold, which features Spank Rock, Robyn, and Damien Adore :

Staygold – Backseat

Let’s get it jumpin in the parking lot. That is true love. That is true love.

New Artist: Sad Souls

sad souls

Sad Souls is a project from Michigan based Tom Auty. If you don’t know Tom’s excellent blog yet, do yourself a daily favor and get to know Zen Tapes.

“Wash of A Cold River” has a really dreamy, uh fine, ‘chillwave,’ vibe. It seems to fit the weather in NY right now perfectly, listen to the 8 tracks he has up currently on’  SoundCloud. I really like his cover of Best Coast’s “Sun Was High.”

Sad Souls – Wash of Cold River

Glass Vaults – New Space

glass vaults

Got this song / video yesterday.  The little yelp at the beginning and the sound in general reminds me of a male version of Glasser or a sadder, dreamier, more shoegazey version of Tanlines.  And I really like it.

Glass Vaults is a New Zealand duo comprised of Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce, who grew up and then attended the University in Wellington together to study music.  “New Space” is a track on their new EP Glass, which you can download for FREE HERE or get on limited edition swirl vinyl from Florida label JUKBOXR HERE.  Buy it – it looks pretty, and the way it looks is kind of like the way it sounds.

Glass Vaults – New Space

New Remix – Houses Haunted Tape

vanity theft

I’m not a big fan of  the original by indie/pop all-girl group Vanity Theft, while I don’t like saying that, I’m sorry but its true. Their music is just not my taste but this new remix of their single “Anatomy” by Houses Haunted Tape is amazing.

I thought the remix was done by Houses, but their label can’t confirm, so I am thinking it’s a different artist altogether… I can’t find information anywhere on Houses Haunted Tape, so if you know anything about them please let us know. We’re curious…

Listen to their rendition of “Anatomy” which turned some underwhelming pop into something that pops.

Baby I don’t want you for your mind:

Vanity Theft- Anatomy (Houses Remix)

Tomorrow at Pianos

mon khmer 2

Last week, we checked out the Hooray For Earth residency at Pianos with Slow Animal and Milagres.  It was so good (Rolling/Nectarine and True Loves LIVE — can’t get ENOUGH and love those Zambri girls) that we’re going to head back tomorrow to see HFE with Mon Khmer, Electric Tickle Machine and Mirror Mirror.  Want to come?

Here’s a new remix of the Mon Khmer song “Anniversary” by Karuna and and the title track from their EP.

Mon Khmer – Anniversary (Karuna Remix)

Mon Khmer – Birthplace

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