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Interview: Wise Blood


Listen and don’t dance, go on, try it.

Ok, so Pitchfork got him first but ours is more interesting. Read about Wise Blood below and find out why his aura/vibe is white.

The forthebeat/Transparent/ABC News Amplified showcase for CMJ was last week at Public Assembly and we couldn’t have asked for a better pump-up-the crowd than opener, Wise Blood.

Chris Laufman’s debut EP has brought him some well deserved attention we’re certain will only increase, especially with his next album, which he’s working on now. Read one of our favorite ftb interviews below and buy his 5 track EP on his Bandcamp Page (one of the most fun 5 consecutive tracks we’ve heard all year)

1. Hows Pittsburgh? Do you find it inspirational for your music development?

Pittsburgh is a dark, wonderful place sort of like what Washington state looks like in the Twilight series, but creepier.

2. How was CMJ (thank you for playing our show!) Were there any bands either you performed with or saw that interested you?

CMJ was great, had a fun time, especially at your showcase. Wish I had been able to watch myself perform live, heard it was awesome.

3. I know your band’s name is based after the novel by Flannery O’Connor, do you think you will draw any future references to this novel – like song titles or lyrics? Possibly, but you’ll really have to be looking for it.

4. What’s STRT SGNS about?

Wanting to be saved by someone, wanting someone to take care of you and invest a lot in you personally.

5. What song off your EP do you like performing live best?

I think i actually like performing HERE COMES THE SUN the best

6. Who would you love to tour with/play with? We think juiceboxxx and pictureplane would be awesome…

Those are good picks but maybe Salem.

7. What color best describes Wise Blood’s aura?


Wise Blood – B.I.G. E.G.O.

In Love With True Loves


We know, we know.  You are probably like… FTB, you need to shut up about HFE.  But, no, damn it!  Hooray For Earth’s new single “True Loves” from their upcoming full-length release (out Spring 2011 ish)  is just too good to not keep talking about.  And keep blasting over and over again.  We’re just sad there’s no download link to add to our player, but you can check it out in the embed below.

HFE play a residency at Pianos in November.  All of the info is HERE for the 4 dates (every Wednesday), which include shows with Shilpa Ray, Mon Khmer, Slow Animal, Soft Black, Twin Shadow (DJ Set) and more.

Speaking of Twin Shadow, Noel Heroux from Hooray For Earth teamed up with Twin Shadow on the song “A Place We Like.” Heroux wrote the song and the two recorded it together for the Twin Shadow album Forget‘s limited-edition bonus disc, out on 4AD HERE.  Listen…

Twin Shadow vs. Hooray For Earth – A Place We Like

New Artist: Diamond Rings

diamond rings

Toronto’s Diamond Rings just released his new album, Special Affectations, on October 25th. The ten track debut is somewhere in between electro pop and indie pop…

We saw DR live at CakeShop on Thursday evening of CMJ week at the NYC Taper CMJ Day Party. I respect his easy going lo-fi pop tracks, I respect his unicorn tapestry hanging over his keyboard stand, the fact that he wears more make-up than me and the way he jerks his unicorn like haircut when he plays.

Stand-out tracks: Wait & See, All Yr Songs, Something Else, You Oughta Know. He’s touring Canada in the next few days before heading over to the UK for November, check out all of his concert dates.

Buy the full album here.

Diamond Rings – Something Else

New Artist: Slow Animal

slow animal

Coming off of our CMJ high, I can’t stop thinking about some of the amazing performances we caught, including Cloud Nothings at our show with Transparent + ABC News Amplified.  I think it’s safe to say, I was loving the chillwave thing for a while, and now I’m totally caught up in the  lo-fi pop rock.  Here’s another one for you that we were able to catch quickly last week — Slow Animal from New Jersey, who will be back in town playing at Piano’s with Hooray For Earth on November 10th (as part of a Hooray For Earth residency at the venue).  And if you happen to be a college student, you lucky bastard, they are playing 2 campus shows with The Smith Westerns in Philly and Reading Rainbow at Oberlin over the next month.

Slow Animal – Sitting Here

forthebeat <3′s CMJ

cloud nothings

CMJ is our favorite week of the year (besides sxsw and ok, fine, Christmas). Yesterday, we only caught a handful of awesome bands (Oberhofer, Diamond Rings, Keepaway) because our Wednesday party with Transparent and ABC News Amplified ended at 5:00 AM so we’re tired. Thank you to everyone who had the awesome chance to catch Wise Blood, Dominant Legs, Hooray for Earth, Bronze, Psychobuildings, Kisses, Mon Khmer, Cloud Nothings and Sunglasses at Public Assembly.

Some of our picks for tonight, October 22, include:

Music Hall of Williamsburg: Dominant Legs, Porcelain Raft. 8 pm.

Bar Matchless: Teen Daze>Blackbird Blackbird> Sunglasses> MillionYoung. 8 pm.

CakeShop: Viernes at 8:40 pm.

Brooklyn Bowl: Pitchfork Showcase- How to Dress Well, Tanlines, Baths, Cloud Nothings, Candy Claws . 1 pm-3 am.

Death by Audio: The Altered Zones Showcase – John Maus, Prince Rama, Greatest Hits, Teen Inc, How to Dress Well (DJ set). 7 pm.

Some of our top picks for Saturday:

Gobble Gobble at noon @ Cameo, Wburg. Oberhofer at 2:30 and Holly Miranda at 5:30 @ Bowery Electric, NY. Keepaway at 7 @ Cameo. Jamaica at 8 @ Public Assembly, Wburg. Hooray for Earth 11 PM @ Coco66, Greenpoint. Bronze 11:30 PM @ Spike Hill, Wburg

Have a blast.

Teen Daze – Shadows

forthebeat’s CMJ Show on WEDNESDAY

forthebeat.Transparent CMJ 2010 Invite

We’ve added a few bands and we’re REALLY excited.  Don’t forget to RSVP (info below) and get there on time because the show is FREE and capacity is limited…

forthebeat + Transparent
with ABC News Amplified

Cloud Nothings – Hey Cool Kid
Kisses – Bermuda
Dominant Legs – Clawing Out At The Walls
Hooray For Earth – Rolling / Nectarine
Sunglasses – Whiplash
Mon Khmer – Passwords
Bronze – Horses
Psychobuildings – Terror Management
Wise Blood – STRT SRNS
DJ set by Heats

Wednesday, October 20th

Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street between Wythe and Kent
Brooklyn, NY


RSVP required — e-mail or “Like” forthebeat on Facebook

The Golden Filter Remix: Dead Disco Dancer

the golden filter

The Golden Filter remixes are on point. They’ve done some amazing ones as of late but this post celebrates an older, 2009 rendition of UK’s  O. Children’s “Dead Disco Dancer.”

The haunting ethereal opening is beautiful and upon first hearing it, O. Children’s lead singer’s voice throws me off a bit and almost ruins it for me but if you listen to the angelic musings and let the beat carry you away, this track is amazing. The Golden Filter remix truly brings the song to a different audit-orally pleasing level.

It reminds me of a distant weird and strange ballroom dance that would work perfectly in a smoke filled forest. Yea, I don’t know what the f that means either but listen to this song and I dare you to not see that vision. The original track can be heard in the video below, the Golden Filter remix is below…

O Children – Dead Disco Dancer (The Golden Filter remix)

New Artist: Ice Cream Shout

ice cream shout

All of the kids are moving on. You’ll never get to Lon don.

I love this indie dream-pop band from Japan. I first heard about Ice Cream Shout through Altered Zones’ post of Cloudy Busey, whose song “Pound Your Town to Hell” is an exceptional dream-by, not drive-by, but, yes, dream-by track- A dream-by hits you hard but keeps going, leaving you left to wonder… – that forced me to listen to this band’s handful of songs available over and over. Cloudy Busey is the solo project of  Ice Cream Shout’s ‘Bob’.

Tattooed Tears, one of their stand-outs, is a song about a man stabbing other inmates so that he can get out of prison and his growing numbness to it. Download the song on the band’s Bandcamp. Also listen to Marianne (below) and London. Upcoming shows at the moment include Osaka area only…

Go on: Dance and eat an ice cream.

Ice Cream Shout – Marianne

New Artist: Bikini


Or more like returning artist.

As anticipation continues to build for CMJ, more artists are releasing new tracks.  We just got our hands on Bikini‘s “ACheerleader,” which will be on a forthcoming release from Lefse Records in November.  (Lefse Records continues to kill it with releases from How To Dress Well, Keepaway, Sunglasses, Dominant Legs and Houses).

This track ebbs and flows, leaving you wanting for more, teasing you, and building up so you can’t help but feel the beat.  Note: this track is not meant for computer speakers, so find some real, good ones, and blast this – LOUD.

If you’re in NYC next week, Bikini will be playing three great parties – The Music Slut, Lefse Records / I Guess I’m Floating and The Windish Agency showcases.  Definitely get them on your radar now and catch them live.

Bikini – A Cheerleader

Le Miel du Mois: Octobre


Le Miel du Mois: Octobre is up on Et Musique Pour Tous.  Click on the picture above to listen in full and download the monthly mixtape for *free* – the track list is below and here’s what I had to say about October…

CMJ is the third week in October in New York City. forthebeat is putting on a show October 20th with Transparent and ABC News Amplified. EMPT will also be a part of the night, and we’re all really excited about our line-up. More details on that next week. This month’s mix includes new releases from some of my favorite new artists including Home Video, Kisses, Summer Camp and Wise Blood. Another special track on this mix is newcomers Aux Arc from Savannah, GA. Look out for their first EP later this year, tentatively titled “It’s Hard Swallowing A Novelty.”

Track List:

Wise Blood – Strt Srns
The Canyons – Apples And Pears
Museum of Bellas Artes – Watch the Glow
Real Estate – Beach Comber
Two Door Cinema Club – Costume Party
Warpaint- Undertow
Evenings – Babe
Home Video- The Smoke
Kisses- Bermuda
Aux Arc – Roundhouse
Summer Camp – Round The Moon
Pretty Lights – Maybe Tomorrow
Winter Gloves – Plastic Sides
Teen Daze – Driving Home From The Beach (The Feeling Of)

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