New Artist: Death Metal Disco Scene


We caught up with our friend Chris Coombs to hear about his latest musical venture — Death Metal Disco Scene.  Comprised of Scorch Shepherd, David James Billing and Coombs, DMDS is a band experimenting with creating music on both sides of the pond– Coombs is currently based in Brooklyn and Shepherd and Billing are running around London town.  And while the New Yorker and Brits are best buddies on the Internets, they’ve never actually met in person.

Where did they meet?  The radio.  Coombs heard the DMDS single “21” while streaming BBC Radio One in his apartment last year, and e-mailed the band as a fan.  One thing led to another, and before he knew it, Coombs was part of a UK-based band, but lacked a super sweet accent.  Within just a few months, the band completed a new EP Beyond The Valley Of The Animals – which came out on September 13th and you can download it for FREE right HERE.

So what is it like making music with band mates that live on another continent that you’ve never met in person?  And does this open you up to the idea of an Internet girlfriend?

Coombs: I can’t speak for my bandmates at the moment on account of it being past any civilized Brit’s bedtime, but for me it’s easier than making music in a conventional band where you’re all in the same mildewed basement rehearsal space trying to mash ideas together in your allotted two hours twice a week.  The insecurities that come along with working ideas out at the scrutiny of your band mates just doesn’t exist and it gives you the freedom to be really honest & efficient with what you wind up putting down.  As for an internet love affair, I’m going to stick to real live girls.  It’s that 3rd dimension that just does something for me.

Death Metal Disco Scene – Plastic World