Maybe It’s The Sound Of Your Voice…

delcroy robots

Introducing…. Delcroy: a brand spankin new act out of Long Beach, California. And I mean BRAND new. They have one song. One music video. And 4 friends on MySpace. I like it.

The duo Lauren Hillman + Tom Bailey have released their first song, Fresh, in anticipation for their first album to come later this fall, which will have over 12 tracks…  The music video to Fresh pretty much sums up all of my music video fantasies: breaking into a kick ass song and dance routine along with 5 shiny silver spandex clad computers.

Fresh is a fun electro, synth-heavy dance song with a catchy beat and even catchier lyrics “maybe its the sound of your voice” that stay in your head long after the track ends…Overall, the video, created by Nick Wenger, is pretty entertaining but at 2:30, watch out, because it blasts into absolute awesomeness with the dance montage mentioned above: computers with sweet dance moves, professing their love (to Lauren).

I can only hope Delcroy compliments each track with equally entertaining videos like this one and furthermore, their album release party better include some of these dancemazing computers on stage…

Download the song here:

Delcroy- Fresh