teen dreaming

Beach House

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Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real disease (check WebMD) that affects dozens of people, maybe hundreds. To cope, some people take Vitamin D, some people use sun lamps, and some people drink themselves stupid.

Some people just write in their journals and get emotional when watching the Jersey Shore finale and guess what? THAT’S OKAY, TOO.

But there’s a new way to get through these dark days of winter, to stay on the sunny side of life even when the outside world is gray and sad and miserable and you’ve gained so much weight since Thanksgiving that you can’t wear anything but leggings or tights.

Beach House‘s new album Teen Dream is 10 tracks of sunshine, freshly-cut grass, wildflowers, puppy love, hand-holding, slow-dancing, first kisses, runs through open fields, suntans, fireworks, sepia-toned photographs, meaningful looks at deep bodies of water and general happiness.

After 24 hours of repeated listening, you’ll be thinner, happier and more beautiful than ever before.

Their sound is ethereal and vintage, executed with such emotion and passion you’d think this must be the creation of an epic love affair. (Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand claim they aren’t dating but listen to this record and judge for yourself, clearly they’re trying to pull an Rpattz/Kstew over our eyes, you are NOT JUST FRIENDS!)

Buy their record and get free streaming (AND STICKERS!!) here.

Beach House – Silver Soul

Beach House – Take Care