New Album News: PEASANT


Listening to one-man folk band Peasant (Damien DeRose), I can’t help think that his latest album, Shady Retreat, mirrors the songs on The Garden State soundtrack. Similar to the soulful and emotional sounds of The Shins and Iron & Wine, Damien DeRose’s second album sets the scene of isolation and inner reflection – one that promotes personal progress and enlightened experience only solitude can bring, which is fitting since DeRose spent the majority of his time writing the album in a secluded attic of a 200 year old farmhouse.

Shady Retreat will be released March 2nd in the U.S. and April 5th in Europe, by Paper Garden Records. I first got hooked with “Thinking,” and then “Tough” and “Into the Woods” followed shortly thereafter, but “The End” is the stand-out for me. It’s the song I wish I had growing up in the suburbs, driving late at night alongside the length of the open fields. It’s the exact reason I always took the long way home, just so I could hear the song play one more time, and then again and then again…

You can pre-order the album here.

Peasant –The End