We were in American Apparel the other day, buying the basics, when the song “Boy Lilikoi” by Jónsi came on.  SL was up at the register, and I was still looking around in the back.  When we met up again, I told SL I had just Shazam’d the song, and she told me she had just ask the girl at the register to check the store iPod for the artist/song title.  This is why we are musical soulmates!

Anyway, both of us thought Sigur Rós was playing, but instead it was Sigur Rós lead singer and guitarist Jón Þór Birgisson, aka Jónsi – his nickname and the name of his new solo project.

“Boy Lilikoi” is the first single off the soon-to-be-released debut album from the Sigur Rós fontman.  Go will be a 9-song LP with an expected release date of March 22.  Looking at the track list and taking into consideration that the first single is performed in English, I’m taking a wild guess and assuming most, if not all, of the album will be in English, which would be a slight departure for the Icelandic singer, who usually sings in “Hopelandic.”  The invented language, dubbed “Hopelandic” by a journalist after hearing Jónsi sing a song called “Hope,” make up the lyrics of many Sigur Rós songs, allowing listeners to interpret the words themselves.  Jónsi likens “Hopelandic” to the placeholders singers create when the melody is set, but the lyrics have yet to be written.

Only time will tell what the record will sound like, but Sigur Rós being one of my favorite bands, I am really excited for Jónsi’s solo debut.  For a little taste, check out the first single below…

Jonsi - Boy Lilikoi