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Black Books

Black Books

Black Books is a 5-piece Austin-based band, recently recognized by a number of hometown outlets as “best band” and for “best album” on the heels of their October 2013 debut.  A must-see at SXSW and a “let me go listen to/find out more about these guys ASAP,” Black Books brings us cinematic, syrupy and emotive “southern dream pop.”

Shang-Dat Tang


With a name like that you don’t really need an introduction …Shang-Dat Tang is a London based DJ – his mixes on Spotify are great but this 4 hour playlist is a game changer kids- I mean it gets you through ittt

there’s 90s remixes from Brandy to Jill Scott to Janet Jackson mixed in ways that make you forget you played out that track to death – because its back, fresh from vacation, with a new hair do, as been on a diet and is lookin fabulous

your new fix…


Your new fix? Oh yes. Pixel Fix is the Oxford foursome – new EP out on itunes Feb 24th… I’m not going to pick apart their sound because forthebeat posts what we love – plain and simple – but their bold debut track “Fall” is remixed by The Walton Hoax- who takes a dreamy electro track  (love the vocals) and makes it even dreamier. But make no mistake – this is anything but your typical chill wave/electro band – Pixel Fix is a mix of genres/styles/and sounds and I’m loving every track we come across…

Check out Pixel Fix’s “Awake” and also “Rosa” – read our favorite write-up on Rosa from Sounds Better With Reverb

A little about The Walton Hoax : I couldn’t find too much! This guy has been around since ’11/electronic/and has excellent twitter manners. I also love his name – I would love to be The Steph Lund Hoax – so please any band out there feel free to name your band that..

Watch these two …hoping they get some major well-deserved buzz this year



Misun Sharpshooter

Misun (pronounced ‘me-sun’) is Washington, DC-based trio Misun Wojcik (vocals), Nacey (production) and William DeVon (bass/keys).  Their debut The Sea was released in the Summer of 2012 – while that was a while ago, I recommend checking out the full EP here. There is a lot more where that came from — below are some additional tracks floating around (and check out their SoundCloud page here).  Liking what you hear?  Live in LA?  Misun will be celebrating the release of their next single “Travel With Me / Sleep” on 7″ vinyl at Bootleg Bar on February 18th.

as long as you’re cool


Wolf Alice: Blush

Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 12.09.51 PM

Wolf Alice are a four-piece alternative rock band from North London. Members: Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey, Joff Oddie and Theo Ellis. They released their debut single “Fluffy” in February 2013, the “Bros” single followed this in May.

But if you ask us…tracks “White Leather” and “Blush” are among our favorite tracks of 2013. Go listen and watch the beautiful – yes beautiful- performance below of “Blush”

cause the things that make me search for so long
Yeah it hurts to think that they can still go on
I’m happy now
Are you happy now?

Played Around With Your Heart



How obsessed can I be with this on a scale of 1 to a billion ? <3 <3 <3 <3 goddess.

I pushed your head over my heels until I pushed too far.

Will Heard x Cara Delvigne



I n t r o d u c i n g: Laurel <3


I haven’t had a girl crush like this in awhile. Not since Florrie and then all of a sudden on a warm, sunny morning…. I n w a l k s Laurel. Laurel Arnell-Cullen is “London’s last sweetheart”

Check out Mankind and Blue Blood – Blue Blood was my first intro to Laurel – beautiful voice, beautiful beats. Soulful and passionate – a new addictive beauty to listen and daydream endlessly to…Laurel evokes those little painful moments of love that were the best and the worst all at once but most of all made you feel alive.


Take it slow I don’t need this
Birthday sex, you were the best
and Oh babe I’ll love you till your lonely
Oh babe, I’ll love you till you love me
I’ll love you till you love me


Ginger and the Ghost


I first heard of Ginger And The Ghost when I saw them live at sxsw this year. And my love for them has grown significantly from the moment Ginger went on stage to captivating the audience with her voice and ethereal costumes and then grew when I started listening to her tracks, watching her videos, oh and then came the remixes. The glorious, glorious remixes.

One Type Of Dark:

Is there just one type of dark?

looking through the telescope Im looking back at me

Wondering what type of girl I’m supposed to be

I’m the one that dreams in color

Ginger and the Ghost: One Type of Dark

Remix by Ta-ku:

Ginger & The Ghost – One Type Of Dark (Ta-ku Remix)

Will someone please do a remix of their track “Where Wolf?” or if you have found one out there somewhere, can you tweet us the link!?

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